FrackNation is a feature documentary that aims to address what the filmmakers say is misinformation about the process of hydraulic fracturing, commonly called fracking.

Journalist Phelim McAleer faces bogus lawsuits, gun threats and intimidation questioning environmentalists and anti-fracking activists in his search for the truth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tony P (au) wrote: Predictable but still engrossing Australian horror sequel. The film with its outback location has elements of the Mad Max franchise, Duel the first TVM of Steven Spielberg and the Saw franchise.Look out for an early cameo as a Northern Territory Traffic Police Officer of 'actor' Shane Connor better known as Joe Scully off the Australian television show Neighbours.I use the word actor very sparingly in his case!His colleague gets his head blown clean off in a shooting that puts the JFK Zapruda footage in the shade.The viewer finds out in the end that the story is loosely based on a UK person who was found in a very distressed state and now finds himself a patient of Ashworth Mental Hospital in Merseyside, UK.I compare some scenes to Duel because we find a large truck careering towards its prey at full speed.Very predictable horror scenes but a worthy watch for the horror fan.

Kashfia F (mx) wrote: The malice of pharmaceuticals - how interesting!

Jerome Y (ru) wrote: The movie gave "" a rather human face. Really enjoyed it! Good performance from the Nicks. Liu Kai Chi has done well as usual.

Joana M (es) wrote: J'ai toujours pas compris l'interet de ce film.

Atisha D (br) wrote: I seen this same movie but it had a different name....Someone has to die. Either title suits this movie very well. I love it. It was moving and true at the same time.... Everyone must see this!!!! ASAP

Julie P (it) wrote: Similar with Hotel Ruanda but lesser bloody. Powerful, sad, shocking movie how people can become unhuman and cruel. But the saddest part of everything that it's relality and the most people closing their eyes of this.

Mitchell M (fr) wrote: The message in "Road To Perdition" is handled with director Sam Mende's trademark nuance, and is conveyed through beautiful cinematography and its universally strong cast.

Dr F P (ru) wrote: It's awful, predictable, stupid but I'm a sucker for high school movies, and Drew Barrymore is cute and I have a thing for English teachers.

Roman P (ca) wrote: Damn, that was very hard. But I hope this work (to watch) will do me better person :) P.S. Should say that after 30 min I still hate myself.

Betsy H (ru) wrote: Just because I'm the only person I know who's ever been able to stay awake for the whole thing doesn't mean that it's bad. Whatever. I know the whole thing by heart. Go away, leave me alone.

Kevin H (br) wrote: Another misplaced 80's action classic, Quiet Cool features an inventive story, some great action scenes and a strong performance by James Remar in the lead. Remar has always been one of my favourite actors and he really got the chance to shine here. An unpredictable story higlighted by some deaths that you really don't see coming and a funny little twist at the end as well are some of the stronger points of this film.

Sam B (fr) wrote: A delightful mashup of several distinct spirits in a single collection. Magnetic Rose challenges conventions and offers a swelling physiological portrait, Stink Bomb hurls a haphazard everyman into the teeth of a military juggernaut determined to save humanity from... him, and Cannon Fodder sketches a beautifully desolate society in which live revolves around the rifling of its myriad cannons, all firing punctually into oblivion at an unseen foe. Each piece contributes a special magic in animation and subject matter, and the conventions of traditional animation are defied and expanded in each director's preferred direction, most notably Mr. Otomo's sweeping, twisting camera movements that unfold a massive cannon's lair to his viewers.

James H (nl) wrote: Quite a decent low budget film, the story is good, it has suspenseful moments. The main flaw is the acting - it's amateur actors and they look it. The score is pretty good. Fine story.

Julien G (br) wrote: Un western porte par le talent de ses deux acteurs principaux. Le charisme de Gary Cooper et le sourire Colgate de Burt Lancaster. Grandiose.