Frame of Mind

Frame of Mind

A New Jersey police detective comes across new evidence in the Kennedy assassination.

A New Jersey police detective comes across new evidence in the Kennedy assassination. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Valentin T (mx) wrote: Bien bien bien, super sympa et divertissant !!

OBs C (nl) wrote: Enjoyed this film. Great to see a film that tells a story that has integrity.

Carlos I (us) wrote: Pretty by-the-numbers slasher, much like the late 90s trend of whodunits. So it's kind of forgettable, but it's actually a lot better than I was expecting.

AW C (kr) wrote: Everything up until the last scene is comedic and dramatic gold. Unfortunately, the ending and it's many unresolved plot lines leaves Little Miss Sunshine a frustrating experience.

Talitha B (de) wrote: Not sure what to think about this movie. It's cute with all the little stories about the people and at some moments funny, but it also lacks depth and character development.

Andrew B (nl) wrote: stay as far away from it as possible it has nothing to do with the romero classic it is just hear to cash in on it.The people that made this only had the rights to the dvds of the original film nothing have been warned

Josanne E (es) wrote: not a movie that i would be interested in...

Alfin N (de) wrote: "Now, if I do my life all over again, I came from background of a family that was right on, where my, I mean, my family was right on, what was I'm thinking now I far as my mom not dying, my dad not freaking out, and I was...if I could do, you know, all over again, my family died too young, I had to hit the road...and I came from a family that was supportive, we didn't have split sis-half sisters and brothers stuff and all that, it was all true blood, real blood, and everything was financially stable, and everybody was really tight...I, would've became, more than likely, an outstanding citizen of America..."

Cedric L (mx) wrote: Heartwarming with great music and fantastic performances.

Yasmin T (au) wrote: I looked at full body mirrors differently after watching this when I was a kid

Abigail H (nl) wrote: Really weird movie but that's why I love it!

Greg G (jp) wrote: Classic!!! Don't make them like this anymore

Guilherme N (ru) wrote: Lots of great movies in the 70's

Jarrett K (br) wrote: Really cool cast. It was strange hearing Billy Walsh sound Australian. It confused and intrigued me. Always nice to see one if the Stultz brothers and of course Rachel Bilson.

M A (jp) wrote: They should preserve their history, it is unworthy for such legends :/ Nothing new repeated story and the whole thing is bad.I'll give it a 1.5/10