Framed for Murder

Framed for Murder

When a woman falsely accused of murdering her husband is released from prison after 8 years, she hires a private investigator, determined to find out who framed her. What she doesn't know, is that the killer is about to do it again.

When a woman falsely accused of murdering her husband is released from prison after 8 years, she hires a private investigator, determined to find out who framed her. What she doesn't know, is that the killer is about to do it again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Framed for Murder torrent reviews

Tina A (jp) wrote: Interesting but fucked up big time.

Leo L (mx) wrote: Quite good actually. Intriguing story plot that builds slowly from the beginning, but is absolutely hilarious throughout! An interesting cast as well. Definitely worthy.

Earl R (us) wrote: I've met Uschi a few times during the past decade. (A friend of mine knows her.) I think the actress in the movie captured the essence of her personality.

Kari C (it) wrote: Obviously everyone else was watching a completely different movie! There was no sympathy to be had for Ben Affleck as he would do something cruel to S Jackson then try to redeem himself after. Uh, sorry...too late! Kudos to Samuel L. Jackson for doing his best with a less than stellar script. Every character could have fallen off the face of the planet and I would have felt no sympathy. Even pissed me off that Samuel L. Jackson's character would even care about Ben Affleck as every turn Jackson made was to his ruination due to Ben Affleck. Don't bother watching...I already wasted my 1 hr 38 min for you.

Leah P (it) wrote: The characters are lovable (ok, not the "mobsters") but the story's fairly predictable, even with the twist at the end.. enjoyable though.

James J (ru) wrote: Hmmmmmmmmm. Well, this is one that will stick with you. One of the odder films I have seen recently. Mischa Barton and Sam Rockwell absolutely steal the scenes they are in. The chemistry between these two great actors is rather stunning. It's just that the film isn't so great when either of these two aren't on screen, or when they are and there are others with them. They've created their own little world, shunned by the rest of society, but awesome in their own little way. The first 15 minutes or so are pretty terrible, though -- forced dialogue and jilted performances. I thought I was about to watch THE cheesiest film ever. But once you get past the beginning, it turns into something kinda almost special. The plot meanders at times, but it gets randomly super emotional and awesome right in the middle and right at the end, with little incredible moments sprinkled throughout. This is definitely flawed and will make most people quite uncomfortable. However, I'll remember it forever. I'm a big fan.

Nichole W (us) wrote: paul hogan, i love you!! that is a real man an no man will compare to him!!!

Chris W (jp) wrote: A better than average Burt movie. The music score and theMiami Locations give it a boost.

Chris W (au) wrote: Two young would be criminals obsessed with old Hollywood B-movies compete for the affections of the same woman, and also try to get her to help them commit a her own home in this breezy adaptation of the novel Fool's Gold. It's Godard once again giving the world a hip, cool, and jazzy tale involving crime and disaffected youths, yet doing so in a very fun and stylish way that tweaks conventions and expectations, and gets all kinds of praise and proves very influential to many a viewer, namely Tarantino.I dug this film, and found it to be quite enjoyable, and while it is more accessible than Breathless, it's also kinda underwhelming and struck me as somewhat overrated. There's some fun and memorable sequences, including the world record-breaking run through the Louvre, the "minute of silence", and the infectiously fun dance scene, but the film didn't really strike me as gut punchingly lasting. There's perhaps a bit more substance than maybe I picked up on, but maybe I was just too preoccupied with all the style, aesthetics, and the beauty of Anna Karina to notice.Do I recommend it? Yeah. I don't think it's a masterpiece, but I am glad I saw it, and think it's a passable way to spend some time, especially if you want to be more familiar with one of the most revered directors in all of cinema.

neil L (au) wrote: Dark and creepy atmosphere. Great

Yeleysa C (fr) wrote: Good but not the BEST movie.

Ethan P (nl) wrote: Remember the Titans has more heart and grit than almost any other sports movie. Its honest, terrific performances and the context of the story create a very rewarding and watchable film. The scene at the Battle of Gettysburg was especially powerful for me.

Elliott B (gb) wrote: Iconic, yes. But it's the aerial footage that makes the film. Otherwise this movie's a Gen X juvenile fantasy, complete with cheesy guitar solos.