Fran, a single mother, is selflessly devoted to her children. But something is lacking in her life, and that something is the love of a man her own age. Her efforts to juggle a love life with her home life are largely unsuccessful.

A single mother, Fran (Noni Hazlehurst) is selflessly devoted to her children. But something is lacking in her life, and that something is the love of a man her own age. Her efforts to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim B (fr) wrote: A drama that drags and is not really believable

Ken T (us) wrote: Jorge is a Mayan fisherman from Mexico living a simple life who had a relationship with Italian Roberta who would not be able to tolerate his lifestyle. This caused the two to separate, but they did produce a son Natan. Before Roberta goes back to live in Italy with Natan, the boy will spend some time with his father away from civilization. At first the boy has difficulty adapting to his father's way of life, but ultimately he begins to enjoy himself and the father-son bond is made. Jorge lives literally on the sea in a shack above the water. He and his father go fishing using old fashioned spear methods. Director Gonzalez-Rubio elminates all melodrama from the story - he takes an entirely naturalistic approach. It is quite incredible to see such a story take place without the usual drama that is infused in so many Hollywood productions, yet Alamar manages to be all the more touching. The film is slow, but it is utterly transfixing and creates a very relaxing atmosphere. Even the crocodile is just hanging out. If I do have a complaint about the film it is that I wish a better camera was used to capture the scenes, particularly the night scenes. Nevertheless Alamar takes the viewer to a unique world, far away from garbage, the urban and the drama that are so evident among most of our worlds.

Arun K (mx) wrote: A movie based on real life situation that exists in cinema world ( also applicable in other streams too). Good to watch. Pleasing someone for self beneficial reasons works, but are u comfortable in doing so is the question.

Eric M (it) wrote: The movie felt kind of....lacking. Almost lifeless. There were some strong parts and the way the movie is shot makes it flow very poetically...but in the end is confusing and tries too hard to be philosophical.

Rob S (fr) wrote: Wow... well, after this movie *I* have a bit of the blues myself. I hate to be uncouth and insufficiently artsy and anybody who knows me knows that I'm the first guy in line to be like something just because I'm supposed to but... yeah, this movie did absolutely nothing for me I'm afraid.

Teresa S (ru) wrote: (2004 Director: Russell Mulcahy) Based on a sad true story de Anthony Fingleton. Hard-working father ( ) taunts his 3 sons due to his own misguided idea that only physical strength matters. [more review to follow] (2004 Directeur : Russell Mulcahy) fond sur une vraie histoire triste de l'Anthony Fingleton.. Le pre qui dur-travaillant () accable de sarcasmes ses 3 fils en raison de sa propre ide dvoye que la force seulement physique a d'importance. [plus de revue pour suivre]

Jacob F (es) wrote: More funny than the first movie, Inspector Gadget 2 is a very outrageous live-action movie than the original one.

James H (br) wrote: It's a funny film that I think is very underrated. If this hadn't come after Austin Powers this would be much better received by fans and critics alike. Atkinson is funny and Malkovich is brilliant as the villain. There were quite a few scenes were I was almost in tears with laughter. Although the plot wasn't always as well knit together as it could have been but still a solid entry into the parody spy genre.

Marnie Z (mx) wrote: Really cute movie and I don't really like Colin Firth or M-A-M. The kid was great and he was the main focus.

Kristy P (jp) wrote: Pretty funny. I really enjoyed Denis Leary's role in this movie.

Ialy Z (ca) wrote: A charming and thought provoking film

Unfelia C (gb) wrote: soo funny and delivers on the suspense!

Mohammed A (mx) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Collin R (gb) wrote: incredibly corny and terrible acting with everything else you see from a Nichole Sparks movie