Från och med Herr Gunnar Papphammar

Från och med Herr Gunnar Papphammar


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:47 minutes
  • Release:1981
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:screwball,  

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Från och med Herr Gunnar Papphammar torrent reviews

Cedric L (ca) wrote: Sweet directorial debut.

Adam W (it) wrote: A throwback to Stallones earlier career where plot and acting take a backseat to mindless macho violence.As the title suggests Stallone is Mr bad arse who likes to play with knives, guns and bombs for a hobby.After getting his knickers in a twist over his dead partner Stallone embarks on an hour of murdering people..

Corey B (ru) wrote: Nice Canadian movie with a few decent twists and turns, a black comedy with at least a original story set in a original place. Why can't there be more movies set in Canada? Support Canadian films people! I must say Jay Baruchel has been on a role with some good films. At least he supports Canadian film.

miao w (kr) wrote: terrible film, no respect innocent people's life!

Monique Y (mx) wrote: Great actors, average performances, lousy script, ridiculously portrait of the difficulties of finding love after midlife and a divorce... being Cusack and Lane being gorgeous just made it worst... if was tough for them, what the rest of humanity can expect?

brent w (jp) wrote: Great Movie Its Recommened

Shadow L (ag) wrote: This film...I have vague memories of watching it but cannot remembrr any of the plot!

Jamie C (it) wrote: This film felt like a cheap PS2 game most of the time with lots of action where the hero can rack up a body count without taking a single hit, The plot is simple but over crowded in places, Poorly acted plus the name of film gives away the ending, It's only worth the 2 stars because of the action.

Matthew J (br) wrote: A guilty pleasure of mine because of it's silliness and sure plain fun.

Wes S (br) wrote: If you look past the bland atmosphere and the unlikness to the other La Casa (Evil Dead) films, it's kinda fun. Lot of creepiness, gore, and cheap effects. Plus the clown doll is rather eerie. Not a great story, but still interesting enough to sit through.

Cameron H (it) wrote: Don't confuse this for a horror movie, just because Alien is one of the best horror/science-fiction movies ever made. This is 1980s sci-fi/action, a competition for who (or what) stands as King of the Jungle. Problem is, the director and writing team cannot seem to figure out whether they want horror or action, and, because of the lack of focus, the fusion of the two genres is annoyingly uneven. On top of that, while the supporting cast gives what they got in their performances, AWNALD cannot muster up one shit until the final third, when it is only himself and the predator. Predator does succeed in sustaining a tense environment where everyone must stand post as the hunter or be hunted, but the first two thirds never quite conjure the primal, riveting energy that the final third hurls at us. Holy moly, is that last half hour great.

Caleb M (au) wrote: Damn good filmmaking Mr. Ford.

Marieve (it) wrote: I wanna see it because Vivien Leigh are in this movie...and i knew and loved this actress in the movie GONE WITH THE WIND.

Patrick D (us) wrote: Insofar as it succeeds, it is in spite, rather than because, of the trademark Wes Andersonisms.