After relocating to Morocco, a girl longs for her home in France.

After relocating to Morocco, a girl longs for her home in France. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Graham J (es) wrote: Sporting videos can be disappointing. Fans only. This one isn't. It has context and emotion that elevate it above the game itself.

John G (ag) wrote: A slick, sharp movie from Germany that is somewhat different from the standard vampire fare these days. The characters are convincing, the sound track good and the story moves along at a fair pace. An entertaining and stylish horror movie.

Matty S (gb) wrote: On many levels this is a sort of cinematic error, but on other levels it is sheer cinematic genius and completely unique. Most likely far too dark for most viewers, Terry Gilliam takes his audience to places seldom ventured. At times I am not sure that is a good thing -- but I could not look away. A devastating depiction of absolute horror seen through the eyes of an imaginative and intelligent child who utilizes every aspect of her imagination and intelligence to survive and make the horrors something she can get through. Uncomfortable because this message is distorted by the fact that Gilliam is a truly unique thinker who is far more interested in a child's coping skills than what the child must cope with and how it will or is affecting her psyche. Watch at your own risk. Janet McTeer is amazing in this film!

Felipe A (it) wrote: There's no exceptional acting... there's no exceptional plot... there's no exceptional anything! Criminally overrated.

Amreen G (es) wrote: this is hrithiks best performance till date! i seriously miss him in such versitle rolez like such! sanjay dutt another brill actor.. sonali kulkualni is awesome in the movie! a very good movie!

James O (gb) wrote: Terror Tract is an alright film. It's not spectacular, but it's not bad either. It has a neat bumper story of a man desperately trying to sell a couple a house, but each house has a gruesome story behind it. There's your typical story about a woman cheating on her husband, and the woman and her lover kill her husband. It reminded me a lot of the segment in Creepshow with Leslie Nielson. It was pretty boring and the twist wasn't that great. The second story is of a man's daughter who befriends a monkey, but the monkey isn't too keen on the dad. This one reminded me of a Tales From the Darkside: The Movie (the cat segment) meets Of Unknown Origin meets Monkey Shines. I found it to be entertaining, although predictable. The final tale is about a "granny killer", a person who wears a rubber granny mask and kills young women. The old hag mask has been used in Curtains, and I just know there's a movie where a person can see a murder being happened using some sort of telepathic gift. The bumper stories are the best, with John Ritter's awesome performance. It's worth watching, but it's not spectacular.

G T (nl) wrote: I saw this as a theatrical release, double featured with Godzilla vs the Smog Monster. Old School fun!