Wanting to follow the current trend, Francesca, a young teacher from Bucharest, is eager to emigrate to Italy. Unfortunately,whilst desperately seeking support from those nearest and dearest to her, various untold truths unravel.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Romanian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:teacher,  

Wanting to follow the current trend, Francesca, a young teacher from Bucharest, is eager to emigrate to Italy. Unfortunately,whilst desperately seeking support from those nearest and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick M (gb) wrote: A dark and twisted tale set in Mexico with beautiful cinematography. It might be very hard to watch for its long takes and some incredibly disturbing scenes."Heli" tells the tragic story of main character (Heli), a teenager, and his sister's boyfriend, a soldier, who gets Heli's family in trouble when he tries to steal some cocaine.The movie was pretty slow for the first two acts, its up until the third act that the action starts. I did admire the technical aspects of it (the cinematography), but it wasn't really anything special as the critics are saying. It felt like they were trying to emulate what Carlos Reygadas does in his films, but I did get what they meant when they called it unflinching.It was really heartbreaking to watch, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone for the brutal violence and animal cruelty it contains. I would've liked it a lot better if they would've hurried up with the story by editing a couple of scenes out, had the actors showed a little more emotion, or had the film made a more satiric approach like "El Infierno".As I said, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, at least not to watch it in a movie theater, but if you're looking for an artsy, realistic crime story you might like it if you enjoyed movies similar to "Irreversible", "Traffic", "Despues de Lucia", "The Hunt", or "Amour".

Bryan P (gb) wrote: Battle of the Damned is a premiere on Sky. You have to wonder why some films are made for. In his youth Dolph Lundgren was a canny actor for the type of films he made but when they get older they should just stop acting especially in below average films. This film sees a deadly virus hit a major city with no one allowed in or out or the blocked zone. But Max Gatling gets in to try and save the bosses daughter from the infected Zombies who will kill anyone in sight. Soon his men go down one by one and only he is left to save her

Doctor S (nl) wrote: Standard. Nicole Sheridan & Rebecca Love are not my jigger of rum, and Syren only has one scene of note. However Christine Nguyen comes to the rescue with a good performance while poking fun at herself and her profession as a bitchy nudie film star. Fred Olen Ray zings a few good industry in-jokes our way and the cast has a good time, but I would have improved upon the cast list.

Omar L (fr) wrote: It took me ten years to be able to see this movie, but I'm glad I did. After the awful docudrama "Flight 93" on USA that came out earlier in 2006, I was hesitant to watch this. But this movie is a definitive 9/11 story, with none of the jingoism or melodrama that could have been shown. Paul Greengrass did an amazing job with this movie, a movie that will keep its impact for years. This is heroism.

Roman R (it) wrote: 12 out of 10. second time watching is so much more powerful. Thank you Spielberg for teaching me this story.

Katie H (jp) wrote: Seemed like a French movie trying to please America, was well done, and had a twist I didn't expect

Arvind N (br) wrote: cool pic ,1 of aamirs best perormances

Peter J S (ca) wrote: Julianne Moore and Wallace Shawn are fantastic in this!

chris t (us) wrote: Euthanasia debate: at what point does an individuals freedom to act end, and society's right to intervene begin? After a car accident a paraplegic fights for his right to die in a moving and thought-provoking film. Much under rated, the two leads are superb. Well worth watching.

Chris M (it) wrote: This is one of my favorite short Disney movies.

Paul W (ag) wrote: This horror-comedy-satire is more clever than it appears at first glance. There is a lot of balls-to-the-wall in-your-face humor, true, but much of the movie's trope-mocking is subtly done without winking at the audience.The characters may be annoying archetypes (Dat's ze joke), but they're not idiots, and the performers' talent level and attractiveness, and the writing quality of the script is higher than one would expect of such a silly film. Virtually every angle you'd want to explore in a zombified beaver virus film gets its time onscreen, and usually executed with the appropriate touches so as to be fully effective. Everything from real-life whack-a-mole to ZomBearBeavers gets its time, and it's usually hilarious.Also, the deliberate awfulness of the obvious- OBVIOUS- "Puppet on a stick" beaver effects made me snort every time. The rest of the film is rendered pretty realistically, so the ridiculous artifice of the beaver puppetry is that much more (purposefully) noticeable.As I said, classic horror tropes get mocked and subverted left and right here, sometimes obviously, sometimes subtly. These writers are clearly fans of CABIN IN THE WOODS (the undisputed King of meta-horror satire films). Plus several twists in the final 30 minutes push the Big Threat of the film past a mere pesky pack o'beavers.On-the-surface lowbrow, under-the-surface cleverly subversive. Put this one on your Halloween Netflix Queue.