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A young urban family spends summers on an idyllic island. When an abandoned, mangy mutt wanders onto the property, the dad alerts Animal Control - but the children beg to keep the dog. A ...

Frank is a excited movies torrent of Robin Bradford. The released year of this movie is 2007. There are many actors in this movie torrents, for example Halle Berry, Avery Brooks, Colin Powell, John Amos, Angela Bassett, Tom Berenger, Roscoe Lee Browne, LeVar Burton, Greg Amici, David Browneagle, Brian Burnett, Ashton Dierks, Jon Gries, Patrick Hamilton, Keith Hahto, Mikaela Hoover, Daniela Melgoza, Garrett Morris, Tom Olson, Michael Richard O'Rourke, Britt Robertson, William Schultz, Mindy Sterling. The kind of movie are Family. The rating is 5.1 in This is really a good movies torrent. The runtime of this movie are awesome, about 90 minutes. MongDu is interesting uploader, he is very proactive. You should spend more time to watch this movie. If we must use one word to describe about this movies torrent, I think it should be 'Crazy', so what is your thought. Do you know what are customers? ChimTo is the best. I don't fight my laptop screen. Share this movies torrent to support us . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

. . A . When an abandoned, mangy mutt wanders onto the property, the dad alerts Animal Control - but the children beg to keep the dog. A young urban family spends summers on an idyllic island

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Users reviews

Alexander C (br)

ant to watch!. Will see. Not necassarily good or bad. Will have to watch this one

Dana A (nl)

I need to stop watching MK&A movies

HungYa L (fr)

ackyard adventure is amazing!!. Absolutely one of my favourite movies when I was a kid and watched it way too many times

Joshua M (gb)

yan Reynolds is hilarious in it. one of the funniest movies ive ever seen

Les E (br)

Bernard Cribbins was great in his first Carry On. Certainly worth a watch. A real jolly romp upon the high seas

Matthew L (it)

Yes the special effects aren't great but Randel and his effects team do a great job with a limited budget making a great Saturday night beer movie. Clint Howard, Ron Howards uglier brother, also pops up as a dope growing redneck who meets a sticky end. A cast largely filled with nobodies bar the exception of Seth Green sporting a terrible mid-nineties haircut and 'The Fresh Princes' Carlton Banks; Alfonso Ribeiro playing against type as a knife wielding inner city thug. An absolutely cracking creature feature that balances gross out laughs and enough icky moments to keep fans of the sub-genre happy. Infested. A. K. A

Mike S (au)

I like old horror movies. Pretty good

Ricardo Martn P (es)

Quite the average thriller, although Milla Jovovich gives a great performance

Shea K (es)

nd as usualy u either outsmart the mean girls or join in and man did she ever became a little hoe just get em drunk whip it out n hop on that thing then gets pissy when her gay best friend blows him too ermm get over ut ya slut. . . started off with the chicks side of things. . . it was an ok movie but idk didnt interest me to much

Timothy B (de)

I saw this movie in San Francisco in the mid 80's, it was enjoyable~