Frankenstein: The True Story

Frankenstein: The True Story

This much requested made for TV adaptation of Mary Shelley's novel stars Michael Sarrazin as the creature given life by Victor Frankenstein (Leonard Whiting), who witnesses his creation turn uncontrollable after he's duped by his associate, Dr. Polidori (James Mason). David McCallum, Jane Seymour, Ralph Richardson, John Gielgud, and Tom Baker also star.

A more psychological telling of the Mary Shelley story has a different kind of monster... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tommy K (fr) wrote: The spy story is stupid and completely pointless, the characters aren't very memorable, and the main character is just annoying, but at least the animation's still pretty nice to look at. Hands down Pixar's worst film.

Michael T (jp) wrote: Slow-moving beyond belief, and nothing bloody or maniacal about it, either.

Jacob F (jp) wrote: Pointless remake of the classic horror film. The Carrie remake is forgettable and just far too average for its own good. I really like Chloe Grace Morets but she is so miscast here, it's kind've laughable.

Bill T (kr) wrote: Not a bad bio here of the Western pioneer here.. Doubt that all of it is true, but oh well. Kept waiting for McRea to burst into song, but that was not the case. It got more entertaining once Bill was out of the plains and into the big city, just like everything else I suppose.

Tom H (mx) wrote: Good Holmes film set during ww2.

Sean D (gb) wrote: Straight boring until the last 45 minutes. Welcome to the second outing for Danny Robbital, he's back being a super douche once again slashing away at the townies for calling his name or getting in his way. The problem with this and all slashers lie in their "Woe me woe me...feel pity on me" backstory which is apparently what drives them to be immortal serial killers, who kill each and every person they find for no apparent reason. The hook on is hand isn't really explained either...

Charlene M (ru) wrote: Entertaining. Could've been better. I'm not one for remakes.

Tim S (it) wrote: Lake Placid was released in 1999 and was directed by horror veteran Steve Miner. It also starred a wealth of acting talent for a B movie of its caliber, and even though it wasn't a huge box office success, it thrived quite well due to its popularity on home video and repeats on cable. The movie also came out at a time when there was a monster movie boom going on at the box office. Looking back at it today, the movie wasn't any sort of game changer or hot new spin on the comedy/horror genre, even though some of its creators might like to think so. It's a fun and sometimes witty monster movie, but never quite reaches the levels of awesomeness you could want. Betty White, of course, became a mini-superstar due to her use of blue language in the film, but it was also a time when CGI and practical effects were still being employed to make a movie like this. Stan Winston designed and created the huge crocodile in the film, and while the CGI doesn't really hold up, it adds a bit of flavor to the mix. The movie, overall, is no masterpiece of the genre, by any means, but it's entertaining enough and has a bit of rewatchability to it that most movies like it don't have.

Andy S (au) wrote: It is the most spooktacular monster high movie ever I felt like I was being haunted when I watched it for the first time ever.

Adam R (gb) wrote: (First viewing - 4/23/2009)

Gagik V (de) wrote: Hello, does anybody know the brand of sunglasses that John Cusack is wearing in the movie? I have tried and still trying to find them. Any help will be appreciated.

Ericka R (gb) wrote: Crashes, crashes everywhere. So messed up.

Walter M (fr) wrote: Once, Cheyenne(Sean Penn) had been a rock star. Now, he lives retired in semi-inclusion with his firefighter wife Jane(Frances McDormand) in Dublin due to tax reasons. Then, he gets news that his father is seriously ill back in New York. At first, he intends to fly but they cannnot get the altimeter working on the airplane to his satisfaction. So, he takes a cruise ship instead. Which is a whole different level of hell altogether. So far, Paolo Sorrentino has shown a remarkable amount of visual poetry in his films so far. With "This Must Be the Place," he attempts something akin to a plot which is definitely a mixed bag due to it involving a hunt for an ancient Nazi which also allows Judd Hirsch to gnaw on scenery to his heart's content. On the other hand, the movie could be said to be in general about people who are out of sync with time, as illustrated by Sean Penn's off-kilter performance as somebody who is ultra-sensitive to the world around him. But none of that allows the movie to escape Wim Wenders' orbit, road movie division, and not just because the very welcome Harry Dean Stanton puts in an appearance, with David Byrne(who also wrote the music for the film) as the random cameo musician.

Divante H (kr) wrote: Let me just start off by saying this movie is just awful the characters are annoying and not funny, the jokes are really bad maybe one or two were a little funny I will admit but the rest were really awful, the music in this movie really wasn't necessary and it just doesn't work for a movie like this. I honestly can't believe this movie got a sequel and is making a 3rd film if the people like it that's fine it's there opinion if they like it but in my opinion I think this movie was horrible and just doesn't deserve a third film. Hotel Transylvania is just plain awful that is my review goodbye.

Janet L (jp) wrote: If you have time for a movie but dunno what to see, you should definitely check this one out! It's the story of a famous dj's success and depression in life. It's sooo touching that I had my tears when I was watching it. Great movie!