Set between the parallel worlds of contemporary London and the futuristic faith dominated metropolis of Meanwhile City, Franklyn weaves a tale of four souls, whose lives are intertwined by fate, romance and tragedy. As these worlds collide, a single bullet determines the destiny of these four characters.

A combination of Gerald McMorrow and Gerald McMorrow is in a film which tells about the broken lives of four people who fight for their religiously-dystopian city. How can they get it? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan G (fr) wrote: Wow, C-Rate acting and characters you just in the end really don't care what happens to them.

Joao M (jp) wrote: House Of The Dead II....if you read my review on the first movie....well i thought the existence of this movie was absolutely impossible because let's face it....who makes a sequel to the worst movie ever? But let's also face it....the sequel is incredibly better than the original...even though it sucks big time...well i refuse to say more... Concept --> 2/10 Cast Performance --> 3/10 Sound Effects --> 2/10 Special Effects --> 4/10 Plot --> 1/10 FINAL RATING --> 24%

Stephy M (us) wrote: mmm gael! oh yeah and the movie was ok too

Aaron M (jp) wrote: Euro Trip is a surprisingly enjoyable movie considering similar movies to date. Whilst it contains nudity, college themes and drugs and alcohol its much more toned than similar movies making for a more polished experience. The plot is simple but familiar but these group of friends are all likeable and endure some funny moments together. It can be compared to the likes of Road Trip and American Pie, its also every bit as strong even if you hate to admit it. If your not sensitive to its contents than I'm sure you'll have a laugh or two.

Abishai S (gb) wrote: Please, for God's love for you, don't watch North.

Jacob B (fr) wrote: hahahaha... I've got to see this

Jenn M (ca) wrote: Not a typical high budget American propaganda movie, although it did seem a little self absorbed. This was based on a true story, of a higher up military man who inadvertently ends up alone in the jungles of Vietnam waiting to be rescued but having to go at it alone. It's clear that he's never really been in the heat of battle and therefore is unskilled. Because of his rank, he is a high priority for rescue but as the movie goes on, he does seem to come to a realization that people have sacrificed their lives for him and that there are many innocent people affected by what both sides are doing. By the end he seems more humbled and is rescued. Not bad, but it's nt something I would watch over and over. But I'm glad i watched it

C H (br) wrote: No entendi o propsito deste filme. Buuel era contra a igreja catlica e este filme, aparentemente, a favor... se era pra ser irnico no captei.

Andrew W (kr) wrote: slow start, memorable scenes later on

Neil M (us) wrote: A genuine real life cartoon!

Derek F (au) wrote: It's an unofficial (and unoriginal) remake of Thunderball, except everything is worse: the writing, the cast, the acting, the directing, the score, the set-staging, the atmosphere and the visuals are all worse. It's too campy to be taken seriously but it lacks the fantasy elements of Bond movies in the 80's. It was a cash-in gimmick (even Connery knew that).

Bill R (es) wrote: a surprisingly funny war drama. yes, I know a war drama usually isn't funny but this takes a different spin on it and takes the people trying to solve a crisis and they make it work into their own sense of humor and manner of doing things. Del Toro and Robbins being the highlights here and a nice little way of bringing humor to an otherwise dark subject matter.