Frat Brothers

Frat Brothers

Two brothers pledge different fraternities, which leads to a question of loyalty.

Two brothers pledge different fraternities, which leads to a question of loyalty. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karsh D (gb) wrote: disappointing horror yarn as a baby sitter finds any old vhs tape with some disturbing footage which becomes all to real

Konrad A (mx) wrote: Good for kids to see!!

Jorge R (br) wrote: I want my money and hour and a half back. Horrible.

Jordan M (it) wrote: Don't pay to close attention to Michael Bays "The Island" or you may get stuck on it, You may however find many different product placements getting screen time such as Chevy cars, Aquafina, X-box, Johnny Rockets, and Budweiser to name a few. With an idea of living longer, happier, healthier lives by getting a clone to harvest organs from in the future seems like a good idea, right? Sure, that is unless your clone becomes curious and starts to question why and how they came into existence. Director Michael Bay brings us "The Island", with a run time of two hours and sixteen minutes. Starring Ewan McGregor as Lincoln 6 Echo, Scarlett Johansson as Jordan 2 Delta, and Sean Bean as Dr. Merrick of Merrick Industries. A cloning compound that grows human clones as life extension insurance policies."The Island" is an action packed thrill ride. Michael Bay creates a new world that can be related to the Garden of Eden. Based on the lie that the other inhabitants of the world have been killed by a "contamination", the clones are told they are the only survivors. They are also made to believe that there is still hope of a pathogen free zone called "The Island." They are selected to go to the Island by winning the lottery. Lincoln 6 Echo has a suspicion that the lottery is rigged. His suspicions are soon confirmed when he finds out the true meaning of the Island. A rescue then ensues for Lincoln's friend Jordan 2 Delta, and they make a dramatic escape. Their search for answers leads them on high speed chases on futuristic jet bikes and they must use their own pair of legs to escape.Now there are a few things that don't quite add up in the movie. There is a chase scene where Lincoln and Jordan are running from hired mercenaries tasked with retrieving them. To escape the shots being fired at them, Lincoln and Jordan climb onto a moving semi-trailer that is hauling train wheels. They are also being chased by multiple other vehicles. The train wheels are let loose, and begin smashing into the pursuing vehicles causing explosions and pileups. The commotion might make the driver notice they had just lost their whole load and had caused multiple car crashes behind them. But no, the driver does not stop or slow down until the Mercenaries shoot out the front tires and the engine. Either the driver is extremely oblivious to all his surroundings or the director does not want you to notice that and stay focused on the cool jet bikes.The overall theme is preserving life, by taking life, and unending car crash pileups, chase scenes and aimless shooting with no consequence about the carnage and destruction left behind. Overall The Island has some flaws in the storyline, and poor execution of the ideas and scenes. However, the movie hides some of its flaws by covering them up with intense action scenes that almost make you feel like you are there. The music was also well placed to create a mood. If you don't pay to close attention to the plot you will find this interesting take on human cloning, and dramatic chase scenes a movie worth watching.

Cristhian R (au) wrote: Short , simple , sad , complicated at the same time.

Gary M (mx) wrote: Great kids movie. Got good action and a good love story as well.

Landon M (es) wrote: After watching Hannibal Season 3, it is very surprising how similar the movie and TV show is. However, I should give credit where credit is due, even if the TV show did it better. Red Dragon is probably Brett Ratner's best movie, and it's probably because it doesn't feel like a Ratner movie, for the most part. The acting is fantastic, specifically from Hopkins and Fiennes. Hopkins dominates as Hannibal Lector once again, even though his story feels very similar to Silence of the Lambs. Norton is great as Will Graham, and even if I prefer Hugh Dancy, he still has some fantastic moments. Ralph Fiennes is the standout as the Red Dragon Francis Dolarhyde. He is creepy, tense, and every scene he is in is eerie as heck. Richard Armitage may still outdo him, but Fiennes still stands as the best part of the movie. The movie at times feels like a wannabe Silence of the Lambs, and caters to fans of the books alot. I feel like Hannibal fans will like this movie more than casual watchers. I am a Hannibal fan, and I enjoy this interpretation of this fantastic story. It's no Silence and it's no Bryan Fuller Hannibal, but it certainly stands as one of the better Hannibal movies. 8.25/10

Peyton C (gb) wrote: The comic book style was original. I used to watch as a kid a lot.

Annaleena H (fr) wrote: Mleh, pretty boring. And the kid was incredibly stupid!

David G (mx) wrote: Were I in any other posistion to flame and insult "Space Mutiny" to the point of exhaustion, I would, but you see, it is so perfectly flawed in it's approach to delicate story telling and continunity, and falls through so many beutiful trap doors, I find such a posistion uneccersary. Dave Ryder is the hero of the "Southern Sun", a peaceful colonial vessel that looks...EXACTLY like the Battlestar Galactica, most of the earlier fight scenes also use fotoage from the classic series as well to make up for the fact the producers could'nt afford to use original efforts from ILM...and even to pay ILM for the footage at all. The Southern Sun comes under attack from mutionius forces led by Kalgon, who wants to settle on a real world in Space Pirate Terrirotry, using stock footage of previous explosions and a trecherous security officer who looks ackwardly like Robbie Robertson, he hopes to acheive this (did I mention his Ryder rallies troops to stop Kalgon's plans, along the way falling in love with the seemingly elderly daughter of the ship's Captain, who is apparently Santa Claus in all but actions. The continunity gaps are large and noticable, and only serve to make the film a g[color=transparent][color=transparent]em [/color][/color]to watch, thrill as a woman is shot dead in one scene, only to appear alive the next, MARVEL at the fac someone dies from a railing fall and becomes seprated from his glasses on impact, only for them to miracuiously show ujp on his face again after a quick camera switch, did he have enough energy to put them back on and go out as a dignified office nerd? We will never know. The most charming of all scenes is of course, the Golf Buggy chase across the futrutsitc space ship, disguised as space carts, the buggys engage in a "tight", snail paced "thrill ride" across two jey scenes, with the latter producing a bigger explosion than anything seen in the film before or after. It's hard not to graps the fact that the Captain looks like Santa Claus, Dave Ryder stops acting after every line (and even appears to skip some, although the key word is "APPEARS") and that Cissie Cameron could POSSIBLY pull off the role of a gracious attraction that could turn Ryder on, but that's exactly what "Space Mutiny" demands that you grab, whislt I would recommend the MST3K version of the film, the original should'nt be looked over as blatantly as it has, it's a history lesson in pacing a film in multi layers, and a prime example of how not to handle the most delicate, most heavily criticised genre in film history.

Ramos J (gb) wrote: You must see this one if you haven't already done so.

Justin L (kr) wrote: typical lovecraft adaption: unnecessarily 'updated' for modern times and not exactly ambitious in its execution. Why the pimp, why???

George Ashraf N (us) wrote: this one really showed me how poor india is, with half of unkown actors in it with the crime and dances 2nd best movie of 2008 after the dark knight 10l10

Melvin W (es) wrote: Taps is a decent movie but nothing spectacular. The plot is full of holes but still is entertaining. The thing that makes the movie worth the watch is the performances by Hutton, Penn, and Cruise. This is the movie that launched Penn's career and allowed him to go onto bigger and better things. This was also only Cruise's second role. The story suffers a little from the impossibilities but the performances more than make up for it and make the movie worth the watch.