Fratelli d'Italia

Fratelli d'Italia

La storia si divide in tre episodi, con un'auto a noleggio a fare da filo conduttore:

La storia si divide in tre episodi, con un'auto a noleggio a fare da filo conduttore: . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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BRUNO V (ru) wrote: Good one , but not sure i did understand the hole story , What has the little boy in the beginning to do with it , and the girl who wants to go to Parys with the lead actrice ???

Isaiah S (au) wrote: Haven't even finished the movie yet but it's a pretty horrible movie with bad acting

HungYa L (ca) wrote: It is said that Royal Tenenbaums is the most comical works from Wes Anderson but even so, it still possess the power to make you relate to the loneliness and struggles. The soundtrack is really brilliant by the way and Gene Hackman portrayed an excellent transformation of a person from bad to real good.

Tony L (ca) wrote: The pace will be slow for some; however, the overall product is solid in every facet and worth the time vested.

Michael G (fr) wrote: wish i had a hairdresser like that, abdul's hands are soft, but its not quite the same...

Hannah B (nl) wrote: It was a very charming movie.

anthony m (ru) wrote: Definitely not one of the best war movies out there but still there's something special about this one.

Fiona W (mx) wrote: Absolutly Hillarious, the idea of a killer jester with a broad cockney accent, its genius!

Kenneth E (kr) wrote: Wow! Another gem that slipped through my fingers until now! With John Cusack (in my opinion) you can't go wrong. I've never seen him in a movie that I didn't at least like. This is no exception. It is funny, serious and alltogether a great film!

Greg W (gb) wrote: #3 in the harry palmer spy series Caine is awesome as the spy harry palmer

MJS M (us) wrote: This is a film that will forever be famous for the fact that it is the oldest surviving film directed by an African American. It will forever be shown in retrospectives of African American cinema and as a counterpoint to D.W. Griffen?s The Birth of a Nation. It is probably destined to be more of a historical artifact than as a work of art, but is that such a bad thing? I?ve always been fascinated by history and seeing this film?s context is more than interesting enough to justify a two hour watch. But all this isn?t to say that this is a bad movie in and of itself. It?s a perfectly competent movie from a filmmaking perspective, and while the story is a bit preachy I think that?s probably fair enough, when you?re fighting against the likes of The Birth of a Nation you sort of need to shout.

Joseph B (ca) wrote: i thinks she's adorable...

Official C (mx) wrote: With bland characters and an over-acted performance from Aaron Eckhart, "I-Frankenstein" is a dull and silly fantasy adventure that will not appeal to the general audience.

Gerardo F (ag) wrote: It was a great movie! Had a good laugh.

Aaron B (jp) wrote: I hope you were paid well, fellas.