Frau Luna

Frau Luna

Berlin's theatre crowd is excited about the new operetta "Frau Luna". But for the head of the city's vice police, who was invited to the dress rehearsal, the costumes for the ladies onstage are a bit too revealing. He demands the show be cancelled as offensive. The president of the Thusneldenbund has taken it upon himself to alert everyone about the growth of immorality in the capital. The theatre director Knopp has come up with an idea to convince these "fine" gentlemen to let the operetta go onstage again: He intends to win over the friendship of the moral police and then nothing will stand in the way of "Frau Luna" once more being performed.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:1941
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:operetta,  

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Drey G (jp) wrote: Ed Wood Lives! " Follow that Pteranodon........and step on it!"

Jacob F (us) wrote: At times it was more entertaining to read the reviews, but it's worth a watch

Justin M (au) wrote: Quirky music made for awkward fighting scenes. Some elementary and simplistic writing as well, although I fear some of the language may have been lost in translation. Nonetheless some comedic elements did a great job making sure I couldn't get into the movie. After all of this, set design and location scouting was abysmal. Seemed like the entire production took place in two rooms/locations. Looking for an Asian epic? Look again.

Scott H (kr) wrote: Ambush is filmed beautifully, though not because of the cinematographer, but because Finland is just plain beautiful. Unlike the deathly white and absolute chilling cold of Pekka Perikka's "Winter War" (which is better), this film is set in the spring and summer. Magnificent emerald greens and towering pine forests provide a glorious setting for idyllic little farmsteads and villages. Unfortunately, the reality of war set in this same environment provides a sad picture. The characters are believable for the most part, but the main character is a little too much of a Hollywood-looking star, he should have been a more rough, average looking guy and not a movie star. There's a good insight into Finnish bicycle units and scout tactics, and plenty of detailed period set dressing. The biggest mar on the otherwise touching love story that runs parallel to the unit's story is a completely unnecessary, nearly pornographic sex scene that does nothing to advance the story and only mars the main characters' character.Having a few emotionally charged scenes that leave one breathless doesn't compensate for shallow character building, and some prime examples of exceptional military tactics (the village clearing scene) doesn't make up for obvious stupid military tactics (the forest battles near the end). It is a film ofmany good moments, but marred by too many poor moments.

Brett B (ag) wrote: Completely lives up to its reputation as legendarily-bad schlock. It's undeniably entertaining, just as it's also baffling to fathom how supposedly smart people thought the concept of killer rabbits could be done with a straight face. It's that total lack of winking at the audience that makes the movie truly funny. By the time we get to the footage of normal-sized rabbits hopping around extremely unconvincing miniature houses and streets, you're either on board for the silliness, or you're not.

IVRt (es) wrote: Now Pinocchio in Outer Space?? It wasn't bad enough with Pinocchio 3000?

Cliff M (de) wrote: Slated by critics, but there are good parts of the movie, the villains are diverse, the cinematography is good, and Garner is a capable actress. I just wished she smiled more, and that Daredevil had a proper cameo.

Neil O (ru) wrote: One of Hammer's last black & white "mini-Hitchcock's" and by this stage the format is recognisable, the difference is that this time it's an American male who is being plotted against. Neverheless this is a good suspenser and well worth a watch. The film is stolen by the wonderful Maurice Denham's down-at-heel British private eye.

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