Frazetta: Painting with Fire

Frazetta: Painting with Fire

A documentary on the life of painter Frank Frazetta, who revolutionized science fiction, fantasy and comic art with breathtaking realistic paintings of fantastic heroes, most famously Conan the Barbarian.

For over 50 years, Frank Frazetta dominated the art world with his images of fierce warriors, helpless princesses, and fantastical creatures set in the most lavish landscapes. His impact ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Frazetta: Painting with Fire torrent reviews

Clara W (it) wrote: please can i see the movie

Ana L (gb) wrote: When I die, I'm going to go straight to Heaven. And you are going to ask me why. Did I pray enough? No. Did I share enough? Not really. Was I humble enough? Definantly not. So what makes you so sure you're going straight to Heaven, you ask. And I will tell you: because I told the truth. Though coming from Madonna I knew I would like this one. But not this much. The film tells the story of 4 friends and the difficulties they are going through; each with his problem, but all on the same "shit". And there's something on that hard life they take. I don't feel sorry for them; for instants I almost find it attractive - that's the beauty of the film. But it has another advantage: it takes place in England. All the characters are lovely and all got charisma. Specially AK. Eugene Hutz has that glow that keeps us looking at him quietly. And that's why he talks to the camera; he talks to us. The things he say (I don't know if Madonna wrote that stuff) not only make sense but also makes us think for a while. Another character I loved was Professor Flynn performed by Richard E. Grant. A lovely man, a poet, also under suffering. The soundtrack is great (I now know and love Gogol Bordello - band that appears in the film as itself in which Eugene Hutz takes the vocals) and we can hear some Madonna's songs - which I think is perfectly normal. So, if Madonna decides to direct another film she can count on me. I just hope that I can count on her.

Marc L (ru) wrote: Empruntant la tendance initie par le rcent (et mdiocre)"The hunters", "The incident" fait partie de ces films de genre franco-belges qui recourent un dcor et un casting (majoritairement) nord-amricains. C'est sr que les alins qui prennent le contrle de l'asile et mangent leurs infirmiers, a n'arrive qu'aux Etats-Unis ces trucs l...! Dpourvu du cachet "exotique" qu'apporte gnralement une localisation europenne (parce que l'pouvante en Belgique, c'est plus exotique que l'pouvante aux USA, c'est bizarre mais c'est comme a), on se retrouve donc avec une copie-carbone de ce que le Survival amricain le plus quelconque offre en toutes circonstances, en plus maladroit tous les niveaux. On sauvera quand mme du lot quelques ides dviantes et quelques touches de violence graphique plus sanguinolente que ce qu'on voit d'ordinaire.

Chris C (es) wrote: alien moves into Ron Jeremy's *you know what* and then detaches and goes around killing porn stars. what more could you ask for?

Gerry R (br) wrote: This highly-rated doc about an overweight, heavy-drinking 53 year old Slovenian swimming the length of the Amazon is both fascinatingly fun and fairly frustrating.What's great is the idea of this obscure, unusual man performing such bizarre athletic feats (he also swam the Mississippi and the Yangtze, the world's most polluted river apparently, which also contains several dead bodies he had to swim past). The swimmer emerges as a likable but puzzling man, an extremely unlikely suspect for such achievements, but in the end of the film not much is really known about him. Too little of the actual events of the swim are shown, and sidelines about the need for action on global warming are honourable but distracting. Finally, the film falters badly, with some faked footage (!) thrown in to dramatize the demented state of mind of the central figure near the end of his swim. Fake docs can be great, in a po-mo way, but this ain't that kind of movie. Here, it just serves to spoil the effect.

nathan d (gb) wrote: this was a very immature movie. This was by far Will Ferrel's worst movie Alex Dreger should have played Micheal. It seemed good but it was not, you know zoned it was a very weird movie ecspaccily the scene snowball fight and the story plot is just impossible would go on but I can't cause I do not want to waste my team review this stupid movie. This movie everyone thinks is good but it not that is why i give it 1 1/2 stars. That is 97 minutes I am never going to get back

Ben A (ru) wrote: just... rubbish. the rocket launcher at the end looked suspiciously like a nerf gun

Panos M (it) wrote: Great actors in a not so great story.

Eric H (de) wrote: "Coneheads" is the best of what I call the stretch-a-sketch ideas that somehow dredged up sufficient material for a movie. More than a few funny moments disguise what's pretty much too much of a good thing. Most of what pretends to be funny is sophomoric at best, so be forewarned. Worth a look for SNL fans old and new, but definitely proof you can't go home again and again and again and again.

Jack O (es) wrote: One Good Cop, starring Michael Keaton, not gonna watch it again because it was sxxt.

Jeff B (jp) wrote: The original "I Know What You Did Last Summer." This is one of those movies that's so bad it's good.

Barry E (us) wrote: Speaking as a WW2 buff with a minor in history and a major in theater, what we have here is an amazing work of recreating the experience of one of the most important battles in history , and done by the people who just lived through it, So trust me, they made sure it was factually correct, with the depiction of the times as authentically as possible. Yes there some minor flaws The aerial battle scenes were beyond their times as a match for the best of today.. There is a section that , ...if sitting in a dark surround sound theater would actually experience just a drop ..of what it was like ... to be in aerial combat. And chock full of legendary actors? If only they did this in 3 D. Oh yes...And the music? A'kin to Richard Rodgers "Victory at Sea". Wow.!


Jacob T (ag) wrote: It will scary you out of your mind. See it.

Drew M (jp) wrote: I totally LOVE this film!! Delicious and intense. One of the greatest Hitchcock endings ever!!

Eric H (ru) wrote: Considering the vast quantity of clich war movies from the fifties, whose plots are as "interesting" as -say- an Audie Murphy Western, this one's a real surprise hammer which highly exceeds the good expectations drawn from the interesting cast and the fact that Anthony Mann is the director. This one's a brilliant anti-war-classic in the same category with Stanley Kubrick's "Paths of Glory" still waiting to be rediscovered. Whenever this one's on cable or on video, don't miss!

peter h (br) wrote: Now this film is the definition of the term "Mind Fuck" because for close to an hour and a half the viewers mind is honestley fucked by a possible pedo in a red suit ,a shakesperian devil , robotic reindeer that mock you with their laughter and one of the freakiest telescopes ever to grace the silver screen. Before whacthing this shit fest pour yourself a glass of jack daniels or smoke a joint and try to enjoy the nightmarish ride that is Santa Claus. 1/10 ( its only got a mark due to being on MST3K , please bring them back for the sake of humainty)

Isaac T (fr) wrote: I enjoyed this movie as a kid and I still do as a college student.