Freaks Of Nature

Freaks Of Nature

In the town of Dillford, humans, vampires and zombies were all living in peace - until the alien apocalypse arrived. Now three teenagers-one human, one vampire, and one zombie-have to team up to figure out how to get rid of the visitors.

In the town of Dillford, vampires, humans and zombies used to get along, but when the alien apocalypse arrives, it's humans vs. vampires vs. zombies in all-out mortal combat. Now three teenagers-one human, one vampire, and one zombie-have to team up to figure out how to get rid of the visitors. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David M (ru) wrote: Slightly thought provoking. All in all, fun to watch.

Jacob H (ca) wrote: Very interesting look at a phenomenal band. Also an accidental examination of the bonds of family and the relationship between brothers.

Michael N (gb) wrote: Everyone who worked on this movie did an extremely good job. It just goes to show that collaborative efforts can make the best of products. That said, this movie is brutally depressing- almost reflecting to nostalgia of Glasglow today. An amazing film that just needs to be watched sometime.

Joe M (fr) wrote: Not a huge fan of calling a prequel "2" just based on principle. And it wasn't "good" really either. But there is a story to be told about who Frank is and how Death Race came to be. Good enough for a late Saturday night. 5/18/14

Celeste G (ag) wrote: Hey, Clay! This will be our weekend movie!

Evan K (ca) wrote: I think this is the weakest of the movies so far, but mainly due to weak source material that never seemed like it would make for an entertaining movie outside of the climax, i.e. the last 15% of the book/movie or so. Well made and nicely shot as always outside of the story problems.

Paul D (mx) wrote: Fairly well made, it suffers a little from the cheap grade of film, nevertheless it is ahalf decent kids adventure movie.

Eliabeth H (fr) wrote: Best dancing movie since Dirty Dancing

Jacob B (kr) wrote: It can be somewhat funny and Tom Hanks gives a good performance, but it all leads to a very ridiculous and offensive third act.

Gary T (ca) wrote: Have enjoyed this movie since viewing it over 20 years ago. Fresh and exciting for its time, still timely today. Judd Nelson is great. Cameos by Andrew "Dice" Clay and Gordon Jump. Preppies, love, deceit, friendship, break-dancing, comedy.

Amber T (ca) wrote: I wish I could rate this lower than 1... >:(

Sam B (us) wrote: wasn't too bad, but the idea of the future back then didn't seem the best rendition, and seems a little dated by now

kathy l (gb) wrote: I have heard and seen little to the extent of which women had to go through fighting for the right to have a voice, a vote. This film encouraged me to realize how far we still have to go.. especially after reading reviews from such wankers.