Fred: The Movie

Fred: The Movie

Documentary tracking the exploits of aging Calvinist preacher Fred Phelps, a convicted felon who leads his cult (primarily composed of his wife, nine of their children, and his fifty-two grandchildren) on their "love crusades" across America, which include calling for gays to be killed, praising terrorist attacks, mocking mourners at the funerals of AIDS patients and murder victims, and literally dancing and spitting on the graves of his enemies.

Documentary tracking the exploits of aging Calvinist preacher Fred Phelps, a convicted felon who leads his cult (primarily composed of his wife, nine of their children, and his fifty-two ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laurent P (es) wrote: A deux ou trois coups de tension pres, une tentative timide de thriller qui patine pas mal dans la boue et se revele tout compte fait sans grande finalite...

Noel F (ru) wrote: I am not familiar about the whole (mis)Trial of the Century regarding Paco Larraaga and I think this one is not just about his guilt or innocence, it's about the corrupt government system that went as high as the president to manipulate justice. So sad that it happened in our country, well made and probably the best documentary that I saw.

Scott T (ca) wrote: This is one of my favorite Kwai Lun Mei films. A lot of fun.

Noah G (de) wrote: Easily the best movie I've seen in the past 2 hours.

Seraphic W (us) wrote: SeraphicWingsReview by SeraphicWings ?? 1/2Philosophically speaking, it grows on the right path.Practically, it deviates widely.Sometimes by taking shortcuts - for example, giving the wife the bar storyline with the sole purpose to progress the plot by providing him with a valid stepping stone towards going through with the video.Sometimes by taking the scenic route - aka, the loooooong, bendy talk that ultimately gets them to put their clothes back on.Still interesting in terms of studying the way we self-steer, thrusting options, making pointed arguments that are often detached from reality, solely because subconsciously we desperately want or don't want to do something, trying to convince the world by first convincing ourselves.Duplass is, as always, an effortless pleasure to watch; and that's about it regarding performances.Mediocre.

Andrew C (jp) wrote: -Milk -Water -Homeland Security -New Zealand -Dubya... Nothing is safe from the explosive energy of the wit and psychosis of one Mr. Lewis Black. Makes me laugh till I piss every time! Peace

Erica A (de) wrote: Ciao amore mio, sto cercando di dare un senso alle cose,penso a come ero prima e a come sono ora .

Alexander C (br) wrote: Standard film, mediocre, nothing further, worth one watch or two.

Adam F (us) wrote: You've never seen a story about gypsy curses quite like "Thinner". It might not be high art but it's a goofy horror story and if you're in the right mood, you'll have a great time with it. The main character is Billy Halleck (Robert John Burke), an obese, upper-class lawyer with a beautiful wife (Heidi, played by Lucinda Jenney) and a loving daughter (Linda, played by Bethany Joy Lenz). While driving one night, Billy gets distracted by his wife (let's just say his attention wasn't on the road) and accidentally runs over an old gypsy woman. Billy pulls some strings in court and no charges are filed against him. Billy thinks he's off the hook until he bumps into the woman's father, a 106 year-old gypsy leader who brushes his hand against Billy's cheek and eerily whispers "thinner..." The next day, Billy realizes he's lost weight. Wow, looks like his diet is finally starting to pay off! But then he keeps losing weight... no matter what he does. Uh oh! Looks like our protagonist has become the victim of a good ol' fashioned gypsy curse! How's he going to get out of this one before he literally wastes away?So here's the thing; as a horror movie "Thinner" isn't particularly good. There are some unsettling moments, like when we see what has happened to some of the other people that the old man has cursed and some grisly moments during the last third of the movie but mostly, the movie is quite silly. That's why the movie is meant to be enjoyed in the same way you enjoy "Tales from the Crypt" or other horror stories that are all about bad people getting their comeuppance through supernatural and often gory means. In a normal horror film, our protagonist would be a good guy who's just made a mistake and now has to reason with the people that he's accidentally wronged. Not here. Not only is Billy kind of a jerk, with him overeating despite his wife's concerns, his defending of mob bosses in court, his manipulating of the justice system but he is legitimately responsible for an innocent woman's death. Why should you care about what happens to him you ask? Well the fact is that in this film, the father who put the gypsy curse on Billy is an even bigger jerk than he is. I'd go so far as to call the old gypsy straight-up evil. This guy isn't satisfied with just tormenting the people that wronged him; he wants to torture them in grotesque ways. He's completely unreasonable and even cruel to people that appear to have earned no punishment at all. It becomes a battle of wits between two stubborn people that have both been wronged, are obsessed with revenge and refuse to give up. They're always one-upping each other and you better believe the bodies start to pile up.I'll admit that even if you can put yourself in the right mindset for the film, there are some legitimate problems with it. Far too many deaths are off-screen and sometimes the tone is uneven. It's only on repeat viewings that you'll actually get to enjoy the more over-the-top moments. Sometimes the logic really takes a vacation too, like when it comes to the character of Richie "The Hammer" Ginelli (Joe Mantegna). For a big crime boss, this guy sure likes to get his hands dirty and that just doesn't make any sense at all, particularly when he's a high-ranking Mafioso. It really is one of those films that few people will come to appreciate but there is an audience for it out there as long as you know what you're getting into.If you can believe that a story about a guy that upsets the wrong gypsy and ends up getting cursed but won't take it lying down can be some gory, funny entertainment then hey, check this one out. Maybe it's just me seeing something that isn't there and imagining that the movie is something completely different than what it is. Even if you hate it though, you can't deny that there are some memorable lines and scenes, some stuff you can gleefully poke fun at and some good makeup and special effects to be enjoyed as well. Most people will outright hate it and dismiss it as a horror movie that just isn't scary but I say give it a shot. (Theatrical version on Dvd, September 8, 2013)

Dave J (jp) wrote: Friday, January 24, 2014 (1976) Two- Minute Warning SUSPENSE THRILLER Plot less movie taken from the George LaFountaine novel centering on a sniper who has just shot and killed a person from a window for no reason while this guy was riding his bicycle with his wife. He then blatantly leaves the hotel as if nothing had ever happened setting his eyes on the 'Super Bowl'. Viewers never get to see the sniper's face as we see what he sees as he already has a place in mind. We're then introduced to some new characters who have nothing to do with the sniper or anything else for that matter as they're just regular people with regular problems. They include love lornes, a gambler, and a family doing typical things. Oh, yeah, Charlton Heston is the police sergent in charge of bringing down the sniper. And some other recognizable actors also star in this film as well such as Beau Bridges, John Cassavetes, Martin Balsam and acting veteran Walter Pigeon as they're also playing parts that don't seem to go anywhere either. I must admit I actually dozed off at the first 30 minutes and things don't pick up until the last 40 minutes or so, because of the SWAT tactics and so forth. The ending was a real bummer since viewers never get to understand the sniper's motivations for this entire set up may have been inspired by the JFK assassination or from Bogdanvich's 1968 movie "Target". 1 star out of 4 stars

Paul W (it) wrote: Not a bad little 50s sci-fi flick, with an effectively creepy monster suit.

Edith N (jp) wrote: "Melodrama" Is Right There are several reasons this movie might be considered worthy of note. It was the first pairing of William Powell and Myrna Loy. It is the only pairing of William Powell and Clark Gable. It is a film wherein Micky Rooney achieves every boy's dream of the time and grows up to be Clark Gable. But what it is known for, what it will always be known for--the reason I was myself so looking forward to seeing it--is that it was the film playing at the Biograph Theater on July 22 that year. John Dillinger, on the lam, took an evening out for the movies and thus had possibly the most American of all deaths when he walked out of a movie theatre and was shot. I know very little about Dillinger the man; I know about Dillinger the character played by Johnny Depp. But I suspect that John Dillinger, had he known what waited for him on that hot Chicago street, would not have been as noble as Clark Gable is at the end of this one. The story starts with a real tragedy in at least two senses--the sinking of the [i]General Slocum[/i] in the East River. Two boys, "Blackie" Gallagher (starts, as I said, as Mickey Rooney and becomes Clark Gable) and Jim Wade (Jimmy Butler and then William Powell), are both orphaned in the disaster and taken in by an old Russian Jew, Poppa Rosen (George Sidney). They grow up together, but Poppa Rosen is also killed. Blackie is a happy-go-lucky kid with all the luck in the world. He gets by on scams, and they do pretty well for him. Jim, however, studies and works, eventually getting through law school and joining the District Attorney's office. On the evening Jim is elected DA in his own right, Blackie sends his girlfriend, Eleanor Packer (Loy), over to congratulate Jim. She is taken by Jim's manner and leaves Blackie for him. But of course the two men must inevitably clash, as Blackie is a criminal and Jim is a prosecutor. The film seems to come down pretty firmly on the "nature" side of the equation. Jim and Blackie have the same mentors, and they are raised in the same environment. However, the two boys have very different drives. Blackie runs an illicit gambling parlor. Jim wants to root out the kind of corruption that lets there be a token raid on it every six months which doesn't really change anything. Jim becomes a shoeshine-boy while Blackie is relying on his uncanny luck with the dice. They love each other like brothers, but at heart, they are opposed. It isn't Poppa Rosen who caused that, or even Leon Trotsky (Leo Lance). (Did you know Trotsky lived in the Bronx for a while? Was living in New York when the Tsar was overthrown?) It isn't kindly old Father Joe (Leo Carillo). Blackie is just a crook at heart, and Jim is just a law-bringer. Blackie doesn't take anything too seriously, which is why Eleanor leaves him. But she isn't too pleased with the fact that Jim takes everything seriously. But of course the men are also tied by loyalty. In his speech before the jury when Blackie is on trial in the murder of Richard Snow (Thomas E. Jackson), Jim tells the jury that he saved Blackie's life when the [i]General Slocum[/i] went down and that it pains him now to ask for the death penalty for his friend. What he does not know is that Blackie killed Snow because Snow was going to use the men's friendship to keep Jim out of the Governor's Mansion. Eleanor asked him to help, and his "help" was killing Snow. But it's what he thought was best. It's what he thought would help his friend. And it did--prosecuting Blackie for the murder, getting the death penalty, is what propelled Jim into that job. The thing is, of course, that Snow was right. Jim was failing to act on evidence which probably would have sent someone else to Death Row because he couldn't believe Blackie did it. I don't think it was intentional, but I think it was a certainty that Blackie wouldn't just kill a man. Turns out Jim was wrong. It's a bit of a hokey film, probably worth more for historical importance than anything else. I really don't know what Trotsky had to do with much of anything or why Poppa Rosen had to die in that stampede. There were a lot of little touches which seemed merely intended to add poignancy. (The friend from childhood who ends up working for Blackie; the girl who thinks Blackie will treat her better than he treated Eleanor.) And I think the entire final five minutes of the piece would have been better left on the cutting room floor. I think they may well have been added so we don't idolize Blackie too much. How Hollywood treated gangsters was becoming a Thing by 1934, which the movie indirectly acknowledges. But the scene, which I think is also intended to make Jim look more noble and less like a stuffy prig, fails at that. It doesn't make Eleanor look so hot, either. Except inasmuch as it was impossible to make Myrna Loy look anything but hot. The most believable part of the piece is that both men would love her.

Simon R (kr) wrote: Brilliant film. One of favourites of the series.

Slee B (jp) wrote: Hollywood Shuffle is a very entertaining comedy that mixes humor, wit, and nuttiness with issues in social problems and struggle for human dignity. Hollywood Shuffle centers on an aspiring African-American actor looking for a career in acting while stuck in a dead in job. He manages to find luck when opportunity opens a new door for a film, but has one major flaw: racial insensitive. Director, wri...ter, and actor Robert Townsend then centers on his character Bobby as he faces the dilemmas over the degrading roll he is to take and the effects it would have on him and the community, but more importantly, his family. I would say Robert Townsend manages to pull a decent job and bring light some of the issues that young African-Americans may face in their quest for a career in acting. There is however some huge flaws in the film that involve homophobia and sexism although the sexism displayed, but I do not think a lot of viewer got it. Still, I would have to say that Hollywood Shuffle is comical with a good supporting cast and issue.

Shawn S (de) wrote: This fails across the board: acting, directing, effects, you name it.