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Freddy torrent reviews

Jeffrey T (kr) wrote: Cute story and would be entertaining for the older kids.

bill s (de) wrote: Without the star power this would have been straight to DVD fare but the leads elevate it somewhat.

Victor B (de) wrote: Even in a such disputed year, "American Beauty" manages to overcome all movies, being absolutely perfect in every aspect and becoming one of the greatest movies of all time and an unquestionable masterpiece.

Dave T (ca) wrote: Kept my interest. Christian Clemenson was spot on.

alan d (ru) wrote: remaster dvd very sharp

Tino P (ru) wrote: Just My Luck is a screwball rom-com that fails to take advantage of Lindsay Lohan's considerable charm.

Jeff D (au) wrote: Brisk and efficient. If only all movies were able to wrap up a story in 80 minutes.

Brian S (us) wrote: Despite it's inane title, it's actually quite and entertaining and good movie. Although it does take it self way too seriously and there's a dreadful overuse of CGI, which wasn't always pulled off perfectly, it still a fun flick with plenty of great actors and action sequences. But not to be confused with Abraham Lincoln vs. zombies, which is apparently really shitty. Recommended !!

Patrick F (it) wrote: One of the best Peter Fonda has done.