Freddy vs Ghostbusters

Freddy vs Ghostbusters

Every town has an Elm Street, and Denver is no exception. The man of your dreams crosses paths with the boys in gray--who will win the battle for 1980's supremacy? The nightmare is always the same: dirty brown hat, striped sweater, and a glove of razors. Neil is having a lot of trouble sleeping lately, and the terrors are getting worse. Fortunately, help soon arrives in the the form of an old friend, Ed Spengler--nephew of Ghostbuster great Egon Spengler. With the help of their friend Eugene, Ed and Neil establish a Denver division of the Ghostbusters. Before long business is booming, but eventually they know they will have to face off against Freddy Krueger himself.

Every town has an Elm Street, and Denver is no exception. The man of your dreams crosses paths with the boys in gray--who will win the battle for 1980's supremecy? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Freddy vs Ghostbusters torrent reviews

simon S (nl) wrote: Stuck true to the comic I love this animation

Jolle L (fr) wrote: I don't know what I expected to be honest but this is very meh.... Hope the book is better.

Marc L (us) wrote: "Les folles aventures de Simon Konianski" est un film belge. Et juif. Fondamentalement juif mme, dans ses ambitions et son humour qui se voudrait grinant mais n'arrive au mieux qu' refourguer ces eternels cliches sur les familles juives dont le cinema franais s'est empare depuis bien longtemps. Exploitant le thme recurrent du Juif secularise, qui tente desesperement d'echapper au poids ecrasant de sa culture et de la Shoah avant de faire la paix avec eux et avec lui-mme, le film echoue autant se montrer vraiment irreverencieux dans ses mecanismes comiques qu' emouvoir dans ses sequences plus dramatiques. Tout est terriblement moyen-median, hyper cadre, sans spontaneite et sans derapage (in)contrle pour convaincre : c'est un peu comme si "Simon Konianski" avait decide de ne prendre aucun risque de choquer personne et d'offrir une gentille petite fable l'humour faiblard et l'emotion factice. Et puis, est-ce que a valait vraiment la peine d'aller piocher 85% du scenario dans "Little miss Sunshine"?

Pat M (ag) wrote: easily watchable cause its not dull or unpleasing-amusing/laugh filled.

E L (fr) wrote: Quite long, slow and struggles to keep coherence in it's plot. However, there's no denying the visual impact of the sumptuously created sets.

Dominic P (br) wrote: Embarrassing for all those involved. Extraordinarily entertaining.

Thomas P (nl) wrote: It was very peculiar to watch, and yet so memorable. The title character is undefinable.

Geo T (kr) wrote: Brokeback Mountain is powerful in story-line and Performance. Led by Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal who bring to life wonderful characters to a perfection. along with the emotions and powerful dialogue that perfectly blend together to cement this film as one of the best films out there.

Stephen D (de) wrote: Brilliant music composition. Typical Disney story. Loved it. Definitely not mad.

Amy (au) wrote: I had to watch this. The info button claimed it had "redneck crime".

Grant S (au) wrote: Interesting WW2 drama. Not entirely conventional - few action sequences, and explores the psychological aspect of struggling with loss. Ultimately more a survival movie than a war movie. Even has a romantic element, though this was underdeveloped.Great performance from Gregory Peck, as always. Good support from Bernard Lee, Lyndon Brookm Maurice Denham and Win Min Than.

Simon R (nl) wrote: A bit jumpy. A bit confusing. It was ok.