Free Fall

Free Fall

Upwardly-mobile executive Jane (Sarah Butler) uncovers evidence that that her high powered boss may have been murdered, prompting the corporation to dispatch a "crisis manager" (D.B. Sweeny) to ensure that the truth never gets out. Now, trapped in an elevator during a holiday weekend, Jane realizes that she must climb for her life to avoid taking a fatal plunge.

When the sudden and shocking death of a coworker sends everyone reeling at Gault Capital, JANE, uncovers a very dangerous secret. Her boss, charismatic billionaire Thaddeus Gault, is suspected of massive financial fraud. An assassin, FRANK, is dispatched to silence her forever. Jane';s flight from the office is forestalled when her pursuer shuts down her elevator. Now, trapped and alone, Jane must find a way to escape her steel cage before the killer reaches her. This brooding and relentless thriller plunges our heroine, Jane, into a free fall of betrayal and terror. To survive Jane must find the inner strength and courage to defeat the powers that hold her and her dreams captive by fear. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cornell W (gb) wrote: Simplicity at its best.

Aidan H (ag) wrote: this movie is one of the worst movies i have ever seen. larry the cable guy does not know how to make a good movie if it was right in his fucking face. im being really generous giving it a 0 percent cause rotten tomatoes has not created a negitive percentage yet. im surprised this movie even got made. I thought health inspector was bad but this omg. i can only think of one person i know that likes this movie and thats my redneck cousin that lives up in montana and im honestly surprised that he liked it even though he has the shittiest taste in movies ever i thought he would hate this movie. this movie is the biggest fail in comedy movie history.

Eric B (it) wrote: So funny he is a breath of fresh air with this movie

Matthew M (jp) wrote: Though the consensus is that The Dark Knight was better, this was my favorite film in Christopher Nolan's trilogy.

Andy C (es) wrote: A woman with a fetish for dead things becomes infatuated with the bodies at the funeral home she works at and soon becomes sexually obsessed with them. Molly Parker is outstanding as a social outcast who believes that her obsession is a form of transcendence.

Adam D (us) wrote: Interesting premise, crappy execution

Rob T (au) wrote: A failure on almost every level. Mamet's dialogue is stylized that it is hard to listen to, and nobody talks like this except, perhaps in a very intimate relationship which we clearly do not have in this film. The sexual harassment argument is so unbalanced as to destroy any credible belief in the students side of things. Eisenstadt's performance lacks the subtletly that is needed and it is near impossible to have any sympathy for her character at all - an element that is vital to the success of this script. Macy's performance is adequate, but he has little to work with. Mamet's direction is uninspired and flat. It is impossible to approach the central concept of one event seen from two perspectives, because one of the perspectives is so clearly unreasonable and crazy. I wish this were Mamet's point, but having read the play that the film is based on, it clearly isn't and he lacks the skill as a director and a credible leading lady to actually make the point I think he was trying to. As a result we see a man's life destroyed by a crazy student, which is not what Oleanna should be about.

Shane D (gb) wrote: Being a Prince enthusiast and a HUGE fan of his debut feature film PURPLE RAIN, I had higher than usual hopes for his two follow up features, UNDER THE CHERRY MOON and this, GRAFFITI BRIDGE. After the pompous shambles that was Under The Cherry Moon, those high hopes were smashed. Strange then really that in comparison, UTCM actually played out a lot more stylized and actually had a plot then was seen here. Prince attempts to recreate the success of PURPLE RAIN, by revisiting (very loosely) the characters he and Morris Day & The Time portrayed in the original classic. What unfolds is at best, a procession of really piss-weak video clips for songs that really don??t hold up well. The best of which is Thieves In The Temple, which is a great song it must be said. There is no real story other than some sort of ego-battle-showdown between Morris and Prince, and some really lame love story between Prince and an ??angel??. Please, spare me. It is really bad. PURPLE RAIN was no masterpiece, but it had a story, it had proper characters, it had kick ass songs and it didn??t lay on the ??camp?? too thick. Plus it had The Revolution, instead of the polished, shirtless and personality free New Power Generation that came to follow.

Kace C (ca) wrote: Down by Law [1986] a film shot in black and white, yet is more vibrant than many other films in colour. 7/10

Samantha S (de) wrote: I love the first 30 minutes of this movie. Then it starts to slide downhill and get worse but James Earl Jones is amazing he's he wooing Dihann Carroll.

Clarissa C (de) wrote: the colors are amazing in this movie!!!! Total Fairy tale!

mirabella 1 (br) wrote: All of the Carry On films get 4 or 5 stars from me.They have been a much-loved part of my life ever since I can remember.

Russell H (us) wrote: Sean Connery is the man! Never seen any of these so I started from the beginning. Austin Powers is now even funnier.

Trent M (us) wrote: A well-shot Fleischer flick.

Michael M (mx) wrote: You've gotta love the 80's and it's nice when you still discover unseen gems like this movie 37 years later.

John D (fr) wrote: Siegel and Eastwood presage Dirty Harry in Eastwood's first foray into the big city. It's hard to find anything likable about Coogan, though he's certainly cool.