Free Tibet

Free Tibet

A film about the Tibetan Freedom Concert in San Francisco.

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Clifton B (nl) wrote: Americans need to watch this movie! Not as good as Band of Brothers but still a must see

Alex W (it) wrote: I though a dark movie about sex and murder would be more entertaining then this. The attempt at a slow haunting buildup didn't work out. I haven't seen such realistic looking sex scenes sense Y tu mama tambien.

Uur H (it) wrote: mehmet gunsur naptin haci ya! :)) bu filmin muzigi mu-kemm-meldi!!! picasso killer'mis, allaaaam ya!?!?! la havle...

BethanyMarie W (ag) wrote: Cast performs dreadfully. Weak direction and a somewhat misconstrued plotline with slow pace.

Pat D (nl) wrote: it on a lazy day when nothing else is on..

Branham N (jp) wrote: A little bit of a let down.

Shawn W (gb) wrote: Based on the third trial of white supremacist Byron De La Beckwith in 1994 for the murder of civil rights leader, Medgar Evers, after 2 hung juries in 1964 left him a free man. James Woods got a best supporting actor Oscar nomination here.

Olli H (it) wrote: Mostly & only powered by Jeff Bridges' good performance, "Wild Bill" is storytelling nightmare with unnecessary flashy flashback scenes ruining what already is a weird & collapsing story.

Joseph A (es) wrote: One of my favorite Carpenter films. The shared dream sequence is fuckin money. Oh yeah... Oh hell yeah!!!!!!!!! Yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shane D (us) wrote: Seriously, if you dont think this movie is why movies were invented, I will fight you. On your turf, my turf, I dont care, we WILL square off. It has heart, it has magic, it has "the Gute", it has old people doing backflips off diving boards, it has it all!

John P (fr) wrote: Had a LOT of potential at the beginning, but, as it moved forward, one could see the filmmaker losing his money. No explanation of the LAMEST looking zombies that resembled Gollum. Were they miners? Were they some kind of demon? We never know. So much unexplained. It seems the director ran out of money, threw his hands up, and just wanted to finish the movie without details.