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Free to Play

Follow three professional video game players as they overcome personal adversity, family pressures, and the realities of life to compete in a $1,000,000 tournament that could change their lives forever.

The film follows three professional game players as they must overcome personal difficulty, family pressure, and social preconception to compete for a 1 million tournament and change their life forever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Donna S (de) wrote: Amazing movie for the family, especially the kids! Fun all loads of crazy and colourful characters with different personalities.

Albie F (kr) wrote: Rocket Racoon, Drax, Gamora, Groot and Starlord were awesome!

Nathan h (nl) wrote: This is the best movie ever LOL :-) :-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

Geoff H (jp) wrote: Dull! Rented this in 3D, and the 3D was the worst conversion i've seen yet. The story was dull (and been seen a thousand times), the script was awful, and i hate to say it... the acting was terrible. The camerawork was ok, but the poor editing made this film move at a dreadfully slow pace and help emphasise all the poor areas! :(

Rainer K (jp) wrote: Karl Markovics' debut film deals not just with one but two highly delicate themes: death and (youth) prison. Considering the difficulties I imagine researching and shooting this film - it's a movie of epic scale. Atmen is about a young prisoner who tries to shorten his detainment by looking for work in civil life - he eventually gets one in a Viennese undertaker business where he first finds resistance and later friends. It's a wonderful character study of Roman (the main character) - he was brought up in an orphanage abandoned by his mother never having felt any freedom in his whole life. But Atmen not only depicts Roman's life but also is about his co-worker - a typical Viennese grumbler but eventually one of the "good" guys - about his divorced probation officer and also about his mother. Highly moving and thought provoking! PS: How did the Cannes jury understand the Viennese mentality (which is essential to understand some of what's going on) from subtitles?

Kara H (ca) wrote: Nothing more than completely predictable. Never reached a big moment.

Tucker K (br) wrote: Wow... this would suck...

Jos P (nl) wrote: Worst movie ever. I would have to be paid at least a thousand dollars to sit through the rest of it.

Toccara W (kr) wrote: Love to watch this movie with my baby. Both of us her Tinkerbell fans.

mahmod n (ca) wrote: Humans get lost in the "African" desert practicing a play while a black old man watches silently from distant. The universe's tale perhaps ?

Leonard D (gb) wrote: In the same league as Tommy Boy, this is one great comedy film which can stand the test of time! What makes it wonderful, is the bedtime story sequence, because my old youth group always loved me reanacting that one scene whenever we went on trips! Who cares about what the critics say!? Everyone should check this out!

Dick M (de) wrote: Hadn't seen this since back in the day. NetFlix finally got it and sent it too me. I was afraid I wouldn't love as much as I used to, but I do. If you want to be as cool as me; you'll check it out. Otherwise, forget. PS This is one of the very, very few musicals I even like, let alone love. PPS And, in spite of not knowing what a zoot suit is, even Motoko gave it a 4.5 stars. PPPS A couple of my homies, back in Converse, Indiana, circa 1952 tried to have our own zoot suits tailored.

Private U (kr) wrote: Post-WWII movie that inspired the space program leading to the moon walk in '69. Those guys had a lot to live up to considering their fathers and uncles saved humanity from a psychopath mass murderer. "You would _kill_ a man for bad manners?" "Can you think of a better reason?" - Richard Ames, A Cat Who Can Walk Through Walls

Tim S (jp) wrote: Based on the novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K. Dick. A cult classic sci-fi film that was made well before its time.

Jonathan A (jp) wrote: Jeepers Creepers is a surprisingly good horror film with a fantastic first half and an okay last half. The performances by all the actors are effective, the creature effects for The Creeper are effectively disturbing and the ending is simply haunting.

Jacob B (us) wrote: Serves as a throwback to the music of the past and a funny movie.