A Rock and Roll Road Movie Comedy set in Wales

Three friends out for a weekend motorcycle ride through Wales stumble upon a marijuana field and biker gang war. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt C (fr) wrote: Better than some films of seen I think Cavill was much better here than superman not the greatest action thriller not the worst

Ron M (jp) wrote: Being. 70 year old widower, I was eager to see two of my contemporaries perform in an adult film. Was I ever disappointed. The story was inane, the acting excessive and the warmth lacking. The only saving grace was the film was short. I guess it's back to On Golden Pond.

James H (ca) wrote: Like I am supposed to think this is a plausible explanation for the fate of Roanoke. Don't think so. Lackluster special effects, little effort toward period detail. Fair acting. Unconvincing to say the least.

erika r (de) wrote: very much a mtv reality show style movie documentary. it reminded me of the early laguna beach days, except these kids look and sound like normal teenagers.

Aswin W (ru) wrote: I found this boring nothing much happens here just talk talk bang bang and talk...the end. This doesn't appeal to me much maybe i don't live in NYC.

Steve W (nl) wrote: Strange and unique, but not sure if its good. Johnny Depp plays meek accountant William Blake, who gets shafted out of a promised job, and ends up almost killed when he follows a lady of the night home. Then while the affected parties sends marshals and bounty hunters after Blake, he goes through a spiritual journey of sorts while meeting and shooting all sorts of deranged folks. The movie drags on in its third act, but its an interesting western for sure, even if it may be a bit too art house.

Alexander C (de) wrote: A cracking martial arts legend. A classic movie which obliterates the competition into dust. Bruce Lee lives on through this tribute film.

Muhammed S (mx) wrote: Its fun, ain't exactly horror. A better version of twilight if you will.

Ryan B (ru) wrote: I didn't know this was going to be about the idiot female lead. As much as Bruce Campbell is a complete dick, he's probably the only good thing about the film. The mole people are just confusing, why would anyone want to be king of that crap heap? was it all in her head though? Mindwarp!

Scott H (mx) wrote: Cross Creek is a simple but intriguing and inspirational tale of a woman's journey to self discovery with two excellent supporting peroformances (torn and woodard), enchanting visuals and playful score

Jack S (jp) wrote: Still totally fascinating, but this one started to bum me out a bit. Even at the tender age of 21, the youthful zest has been drained out of many of the films' subjects. They seem older than 21 (though perhaps "knowing" them as 7 and 14 year olds makes their aging seem that much more dramatic). Two of the three solidly middle-class girls are married at 21 and are....solidly middle class. The little troublemaker who dreamed of being a jockey actually became one...for three races. The worst of the upper-class twits seems even worse now. The black kid just seems lost. And oh that one Liverpool kid. Drugs weren't mentioned, but my was he shaky. And shiftless. But there are positive signs too: Our missionary kid really seems like a terrific, caring person. The upper-class boy who seemed a bit rebellious at 14 looks even more so now. The upper-class girl has loosened up. The kid who moved to Australia seems to have a good head on his shoulders, as does the Liverpool kid's old buddy. In general the university students seem better adjusted and "younger." And maybe 7 yr olds do know best: the Australian kid is shown "building a house" and as an adult that's what he does; meanwhile the farm kid wanted to be an astronaut, at 14 he said he had no interest in physics, yet at 21 he's studying...physics! 28 Up here we come.

Diana W (it) wrote: I love this version more than the original! Lucille Ball is hilarious in this! Quite tongue in cheek! We Need A Little Christmas! Best Christmas song for me!

Adrian B (jp) wrote: The first of the two part series finds the beginning of Ivan's career, where he becomes Tsar of Russia and has the intent of unifying the nation. Many spectacular scenes erupt, with battles galore and bizarre, perplexing black and white imagery. Fairly corny, and also a times pretty funny, but also significant for being an unusual tale of the famed Tsar. The dialogue is generally amusing and odd. If you thought Part I was weird, wait until you see Part II.


Isaac C (ru) wrote: Spielberg did a great job on this film. As the movie progresses however, it begins to lose its excitement resulting in a very sudden tone shift, which is essentially considered "bad."

Ryan M (ru) wrote: 0 none not a half starnothing could make me watch this horrible movie again

Pavan R (ca) wrote: An entertaining political thriller with a big star cast. Overall thought was just OK considering the big players thought would provide more.

Ben G (ag) wrote: You can bet One Dollar that this is a great comedy, but I didn't like Dan Aykroyd coast through absolute, unwarranted poverty.