Freedom Force

Freedom Force

Unlikely events shake France. All the heroes of the famous Jules Verne lived and, without knowing it, are chaos and destruction. And all because of the new French president and the minister...

A group of kids with special powers and their trusted dog are sent back in time on a mission to restore the famous stories and their place in history as the mad President and Minister of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Freedom Force torrent reviews

Lindsay E (es) wrote: I forgot to add a rating and then watched it again because I forgot I had seen it. That probably means it's not that great.

Eugene K (gb) wrote: Crap sequel. Just a cheap knock-off of Madagascar 3, a film that was yet to be theatrically released of all things.

Jolie L (ru) wrote: I want my dollar back from RedBox.

Amanda S (ca) wrote: This movie made me feel bad. :(I hate movies where the woman is in a shitty relationship

Aparna I (us) wrote: Alice Taglioni is angelic and shines as a naive yet strong willed sweetheart of a supermodel. With a cute cast and perfect setting of Paris this movie is sure to make your evening a light- hearted one

Roy C (br) wrote: Exasperating vendettas detract from wide and uniquely angled shots.

Issac L (es) wrote: Cronenberg's unsettling denuding of an identical twins' inseparability wreaks controversy in its in-depth protrusion of psychiatric delusion and drug abuse, Jeremy Irons, plays the Mantle twins, both gynecologists and live together, even perversely share the same woman. Albeit their mirror-image resemblance, Beverly is the shy boffin while Elliot is the gregarious mouthpiece who is astute and dedicative in taking care of his younger brother's every need, after meeting a sterile actress (Claire) who has a mutant vagina, Beverly irrationally falls for her and slowly he becomes drug-addictive and paranoid (cause and effect), and even Elliot couldn't rescue him, a finally unhinged Beverly slips into the abyss and tragedy is irrevocable. Irons offers a tour-de-force engagement by splitting himself into two disparate roles, initially one wonders how could we tell them separately, and 5 minutes later, one will realize how distinguishable they are, Beverly is a meek soul, his life orbit is dominated and regulated by Elliot, who is sensible enough to admit they are an entity since neither of them could live without each other, nonetheless, the equilibrium has fatefully been violated by the interloper Claire, Bujold is feisty and emanates a cocktail of independence and vulnerability which fatally enchants Beverly and triggers his downhill of the separation procedure. The midstream of the film deals with the decomposition of Beverly's mental stability has damped down by a slightly tedious script, which is wanting some explicable introductions to the mayhem it has caused, but the coda does save the pathos and it is mesmerizing and gives a sucker punch to the gut. Cronenberg's films often leave me some bitter aftertaste, last year's COSMOPOLIS (2012, 4/10) is beyond my interpretation, but DEAD RINGERS has its integral breakdown of a psychosexual drama, and fanboys will be exulted to indulge in Cronenberg's signature chimerical shots (sundering the umbilical cord, the surgery ceremony in vermillion with a set of eerie apparatus) and there are magical contrivances to put two Jeremy Irons present in the same frames (deeming its pre-computer era), accolades should be also awarded to the film's steadfast emotion liberation, which encroaches inches by inches into the subliminal conscious of its protagonists, a compelling piece of work rests higher on the shelf than Cronenberg's other lesser creations.

Sampson S (mx) wrote: Just what in the hell was this?

Trevor S (br) wrote: Could have been better.

peter h (au) wrote: a complete Italian rip off of the hammer Frankestein films with a femminst spin of the mad sicentist however that is very debatble. But what ruins this worthy film of comming decenet enought to be even though of as a possible hammer film is the useless over the top nudity and sex secenes. In fact the movie ends in a fade to black in the middle of a sex secene. 4/10 halariosly bad.

Matthew A (kr) wrote: The most casual Godard film. I enjoyed this so much, Anna Karina is lovely. Everything Godard touched in the 60's was a masterpiece, safe to say. A+

Michael T (it) wrote: This infamous cult flick seems almost tame by today's standards, and the shoddy production values sometimes make it seem like a (bad) silent movie.

Private U (fr) wrote: Interesting, if over

Mike M (au) wrote: Exceptionally well done take on what could otherwise be just yet another post-apocalyptic struggle tale.

Susan F (fr) wrote: I love this movie! Grew up watching it with my dad and fam. This was his all time favorite movie.

James R (br) wrote: Marvellous. There is, obviously, no conventional standard whereby this can be described as a "good" film, but there's something so eccentric about the conception and the execution of same that it's a must-see of some sort.