Freedom Had a Price

Freedom Had a Price


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Paul K (us) wrote: First hour fine. Second hour excruciatingly slow.

anders k (us) wrote: This movie was disappointing from the title. It's called haunting in CONNECTICUT!!! Why is it set in Georgia?! The acting is bad the ending is bad the story is bad. The only memorable thing is when the sister is like stitched from the inside!

Jon C (br) wrote: "Every object tells a story if you know how too read it."

Rafael R (mx) wrote: Simplemente perfecta. Los actores talentosos junto a la direccin asombrosa de Carlos Ruz Ruz y Mariem Prez Riera y la trama original demuestra el talento escondido boricua en el arte de la cinematografa.

Migjen F (gb) wrote: One of the greatest movies of the decade

Paul D (jp) wrote: Not a bad sequel, but although Jack Nicholson attempts to recreate Polanski's mood and style he can't quite pull it off with a consistency and whilst it's a strong enough investigative story it is also inferior to that of Chinatown.

Herschel P (mx) wrote: The most overrated movie of all time

alex f (es) wrote: low key movie with some nice little bits... i couldnt really buy into it though and it left me a little lost by the end.

Benjamin W (nl) wrote: An amusing movie that takes a little while to get going anywhere. If anything, it's nice to see powerhouse actors like Humphrey Bogart and Peter Lorre still having fun on the screen, even if it had been many years since "Casablanca."

Isaac A (ca) wrote: This movie was good but it didn't scare me... at all.

Tree J (de) wrote: Toy Story isn't exactly what you thought it would be. It looks like a fun movie, but for me, it does go quite dully.