Freedom Writers

Freedom Writers

A young teacher inspires her class of at-risk students to learn tolerance, apply themselves, and pursue education beyond high school.

Idealistic Erin Gruwell finds a way to unify her disadvantaged, racially divided students and to improve their grasp of academics, partly by having them keep journals about their violent, troubled lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dov D (us) wrote: Jason Todd Ipson's Unrest unfolds eerily similar to an episode of the CW show Supernatural, only with slightly worse acting and less interesting narrative. I'm not sure why I seem to be drawn to crudely made horror films, but I am, and to be honest, this could have been a lot worse. There was a lot wrong with the movie, but there were also several things it did well. For starters, it didn't overuse the jump scare angle, but it did overuse the music associated with it... This led to the audience being constantly kept on there toes without the film becoming too predictable. By the end, Unrest seemed to be more of a crime drama than a horror movie which provided some depth, but overall, the script was lacking severely. And what in the world was that Dark Knight Rises-esque music that played every ten minutes during supposedly dramatic moments? That was just bad. Overall, this movie wasn't very good and wasn't very entertaining, but it could've been worse... You should probably stay away from it though.

Craig C (es) wrote: a masterful indie from 1998 that shed light on Gay Hollywood during the 1930's. Ian McKellen, Brendan Fraser and Lynn Redgrave give the performances of their lives in a story Hollywood kept in the closet too long. Now I want to read Father of Frankenstein, the film's source novel. Essential.

Graham J (ca) wrote: Though the least impressive of Ford's three "Cavalry" films, this still is a great film.

Ben C (us) wrote: Tommy Lee Jones and Linda Hamilton do Mission Impossible in the 80's. And there is a NASA super car. Officially Awesome.

Jonathan P (it) wrote: Kites is a fun little Indian flick. Filmed primarily in Las Vegas and Mexico Kites is a mix of Spanish Novella and Bollywood and it works surprisingly well. Though Kites offers nothing special it is a fun little romp that will entertain for its two hour runtime.