The son of a slain NYPD officer joins the force, where he falls in with his father's former partner and a team of rogue cops. His new boss, Sarcone, will see if he has what it takes to be rogue through many trials and tribulations of loyalty, trust and respect. When the truth about his father's death is revealed revenge takes him over and he won't stop until justice has been truly served.

The story of a slain NYPD officer's son joins the force, where he works with his father's former colleagues. He has to pass many challenges what takes to be rogue. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack T (de) wrote: Powerful, moving, coming of age film, superbly acted. Hardly puts a foot wrong. One of the finest films of the last ten years.

Ryan C (it) wrote: Even though for a kids movie, the stunning shots of the Florida landscape and great music at the hands of Jimmy Buffett provide a decent movie about kids defeating adults to save the lives of baby owls. I highly recommend reading the book, for it is much better.

Duncan K (ag) wrote: I kind of enjoyed this because I was part of a highschool drumline at one point. However the story is a bit weak.

Wahida K (jp) wrote: Yamma Yamma kesa hasin khoobsurat sama - The great R.D.Burman::::Today no one remembers whom Rahul Dev Burman had to thank his Career::: The Bollywood Comedy King:: Late Mehmood! My fav song in the Movie stays Naam Abdul he mera with Mazhar Khan and Mohd Rafi s voice. What a combination. I like watching Amitabh old Movies, but he should now retire. Amitabh had a Style .....Once upon a time.... but he has lost that touch and now he is just an old man who just doesnt want to retire, I just shake my head everytime when I see him Dancing with young girls nowerdays.Shaan is not a bad Movie, it has a tiny bit of everything but myBig complain it has a lots of Villain talking Nonsense. I have never saw a Movie with a Villain talking like a Parrot! I just forwarded the part every time Kulbushan appeared on Screen (who played Villain, mostly threatning with his idiot Buttons. If I push this Button and push that Button....*roll eyes* annoying)Jesus Christ what did they think when they wrote the script for the Villain anyway? The other thing what I even noticed the Song Scene of Yamma Yamma, what the makers of shaan wanted couldnt exactly manage, but in Sholay there was this touch of an Idea I could see in the song "Mehbooba Mehbooba) I thought oh right something similar. Sippy managed that Song Scene Perfect and atleast there was a Villain with real threats a NO BUTTONS in sholay. Thank you for that Sippy. I chuckle with the thought if someday with all his "dance moves" the 70 years old Amitabh`s dentures don't tilt drop down.

Edgar C (mx) wrote: You're not supposed to bury bodies whenever you find them. It makes people suspicious.Harry happens to have some sort of little trouble, and that is the core element of the story around which the events of the film circle... He just happens to be DEAD.I think it is fair to start by stating that 90% of Hitchcock's followers have been either disappointed or confused with The Trouble with Harry out of all the numerous users' reviews I read from three movie social networks. How could a comedy be conceived by the mind of the Master of Suspense(TM)?The fact that he made a comedy around a mystery plot featuring a dead man as the central element should not come as a surprise. Hitchcock's playfulness and humorous touches are extremely well known, be it either sexual tension between two leads (one female, one male) put together by extraordinary circumstances, clever dialogue deliveries or simply brief moments of slapstick. Well, why not let him be? Why can't he make a comedy with his usual plot trademarks? To those having an anticipated expectation of tension and suspense will be disappointed for obvious reasons, to which I would add the adjective "unfair", but to those looking beyond shall find a solid craft, which features good acting of fully distinguished characters, a smart screenplay which comedy is derived straightly from the dialogue delivery, and potentially the most astonishing color cinematography in Hitchcock's entire career, featuring landscapes which fully-colored yellow and red leaves have the capacity to become iconic, just as in Yimou Zhang's Hero (2002).From the opening shot, the care towards conceiving a picture of, at least, a decent quality, is noticeable, so it is definitely not just a filler in Hitchcock's filmography for cashing in. This feature in particular is characterized by the comical treatment of death, not only explicitly (as symbolized by a friggin' corpse), but implicitly, with some symbols here and there, one shown, the rest told with ironic remarks. What shines here is how Hitchcock successfully treated death in a very funny way without being insensitive or resorting to repulsing humor tactics.It is undeniable, however, that the film is a lesser effort in his trajectory that might fall into his third best quartile (or... second worst), which, considering the rating, is a surprising feat. The film is nothing short of entertaining and portrays Hitchcock's less macabre and lightest side of his auteur vision. Give it a try. Just remember not to have biased prior expectations the next time.70/100

Celese D (ru) wrote: I love Shirley Temple

Ed K (ca) wrote: Just not funny, not sure how it got a 67% from the critics.

Michael T (kr) wrote: Alejandro Jodorowsky had directed the original "Midnight Movie" El Topo and the equally bizarre Holy Mountain when he decided to attempt an adaptation of Frank Herbert's Science Fiction classic Dune. Jodorowsky wrote a script (which really deviated from Frank Herbert's novel) and assembled a crew to handle visual effects, talked to David Carradine, Mick Jagger, Salador Dali, and Orson Welles about appearing in the film, and had his son (Brontis Jodorwsky) training with a French martial arts champion to play the role of Paul. The film fell apart when the producer's failed to get a major American studio to put up money for this pretty wild production. Interestingly enough, Dan O'Bannon who had been hired to do the FX for the film wrote the screenplay for Alien and brought along artists H.R. Giger and Chris Foss to help design the look of the movie. In fact, Jodorowsky claims that many of the concepts from his Dune adaptation ended up in Star Wars. Jodorowsky is a very charming egomaniac throughout the film. He doesn't hold a grudge against poor David Lynch, he recognizes that the studio messed with the concept. Its a fascinating look at a movie that was never made but still seemed to have left a mark on Science Fiction films today. Without Jodorowsy's Dune is their Alien? Is their Blade Runner? Would studi executives have said "Yes" to Star Wars without first having this version of Dune to say "No" to? I will now have to try and see El Topo and Holy Mountain.

Zubair A (au) wrote: Let's be honest to rate this movie as a "Good One"

Nicholas L (au) wrote: A cerebral horror, a nail biting suspense, and a magnificent adventure epic, Jaws is a masterpiece classic that is thoroughly engaging and has all the elements of a terrific story.