With a ticking bomb locked to his neck, a young freerunner races against the clock and all types of baddies to get from one end of the city to the other to save himself and his girlfriend.

With many attractive situations, it opens when a young man is trying to race against time and the difficulties along the way from beginning of the city to end of the city with bomb locked around his neck. He hopes to save himself and his girlfriend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Freerunner torrent reviews

Yvonne B (us) wrote: This is just terrible..It started off OK with Airforce one flying through an electrical storm over the Bermuda triangle, then its all down hill from there. The acting is cringeworthy, and the CGI / special effects are laughable.

Jane W (mx) wrote: Everybody should watch this doc. It's important.

Andrei D (ag) wrote: Putine personaje, putina actiune dar foarte multa tensiune si neincredere

Jason G (br) wrote: OMG is all I have for comment.

Al M (ru) wrote: Zombie Honeymoon achieves a truly unique feat: it manages to simultaneously be gory, brutal, funny, and emotional. From its opening moments, Zombie Honeymoon manages to be funny and to create characters that we care about. A truly original piece of zombie cinema, Zombie Honeymoon is not to be missed for the laughs and genuine emotion that it manages to inject along the way.

(us) wrote: It's that kind of case, when you get a lot of pleasure. Tell me, doesn't it show film's quality?

Brandon T (ca) wrote: This made me laugh. A great buy. Im a big Jason Lee fan, and this was another brilliantly made movie with him in it. The struggle between his fiances wanting a house and paying for his nieces college fund turned out really nice. The best friend character was great. He just had that old 60's hippie aura around him that I really liked. He just screwed up every plan they put together, which is what someone stoned all the time would do. Worth seeing once. Wasnt as funny as I thought it would be but was still good.

Louise W (mx) wrote: quite boring throughout, too many kids, found it hard to remember who was who. you can imagine how hot it is and it makes you feel uncomfortable, ah well at least they have freezers! not much happened really and it was a bit like 30 mins of activity stretched into 1 hr 40.

Dylan G (it) wrote: A satisfying B-movie that many will enjoy, depending your taste in movies, fans of horror films will enjoy!

Brendan N (it) wrote: besides the unbelievable finale the conspiracy was quite interesting. I almost felt like turning the film off, its like someone just ran out of ideas and thought lets go stupid

mike d (fr) wrote: I really liked it...I'm not sure how many stars to dish out exactly....i might have gone a tad overboard with them.......but certainly this flew past..... and only once or twice was i getting a bit bored with would pull me back in and was pretty entertaining.

Elliott H (kr) wrote: Another 70s gem, and another exhaustingly energetic performance from Pacino's prime. Jeffrey Tambor bats clean-up, and he makes plenty of huge mistakes ;)

Riley H (us) wrote: This movie is so silly I can hardly believe it. At first I was annoyed by the casting (how is Vitti British?), but I came to realize it was all part of the plan. Unlike most spoofs, this movie gets more ridiculous (and therefore funny) as it goes on, a welcome change. I almost pissed myself at the climax.

Tommie G (de) wrote: One of the funniest black films made in recent years. Shot in authentic blaxploitation fashion, I think it fits the bill as a top notch qualifier. The comedy is genius from it's writing, delivery, timing & editing. My favorite Tommy Davidson performance so far. I can't think of any way to make this film more perfect, perhaps by not making a 'Black Dynamite 2'

Daniel S (nl) wrote: Though the first hour is very nice to look at and interesting. It is very slow and you can get distracted. But once it picks up it picks up fast and the next 2 and a half hours we are given great characters as well as great action and a wonderful story that educates people on the culture of Indian people. In the end you could watch 4 more hours of it and not get bored with the characters or story. It has its humor that evens out its drama and intense moments and leaves you not wanting it to end.

Victor T (au) wrote: After the massive critical success of "Prisoner of Azkaban" but its underwhelming box office numbers and Cuarn leaving the directing chair, the fourth book of the franchise was the perfect one for this time as its actiony story was what Warner needed to get more money.Returning for his fourth year of learning magic, Harry finds himself in the middle of a magical tradition due to some mysterious circumstances, this tradition being the Triwizard Cup, a competition between magical institutions. You know, reviewing 8 films from the same franchise is tiresome as each film goes by it is harder to mention something new, but still the fourth Potter adventure has some new elements that need to by mentioned, for better or worse. "Goblet of Fire" has some exciting action sequences that are among the best of the series, some set pieces are quite interesting visually, it finally introduces the main villain of the saga (which is quite crazy when you considered that the main threat arrives at part 4 of your 8 part saga, sure he is mentioned in all of them and has a cameo in "Philosopher's Stone" and a somewhat appearance in "Chamber of Secrets"), the special effects continue to impress, Newell proves to be a versatile director as combines genres in a variety scenes pretty seamlessly, and it is possibly the most fun film to watch out of the 8, due to its action oriented story. But this film has bigger problems than his three predecessors. The characters are quite forgettable (only Mad Eye Moddy stands out but only due to its costume), the pacing issue returns which is not surprising for a rushed film, it attempts to replicate Cuarn's balance of whimsical and dark but it just fails in the whimsical side, the plot holes are magnified, and the story is the most meaningless for the rest of the saga, I mean the whole story isn't necessary and will never be mentioned again as the point of this film is its ending, but the road to get there feels disconnected. "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" is the most action oriented film of the saga and the turning point from whimsical to dark territory for the rest of the franchise. It may not be the most well written film of the saga nor the smartest or even the most memorable, but it is undeniably the most exciting of the bunch and arguably the most rewatchable. A highly entertaining blockbuster that solidly ends the first half of the saga.

Daniel C (kr) wrote: National Treasure is a fun, albeit silly, movie for young audiences.

Johnny T (gb) wrote: Funny film watched it when I was small