A romance set in the world of freestyle basketball.

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John C (ru) wrote: What a fantastic film and more fuel to the fire that the US Justice system is based on vegence, not fairness.

Jane L (ca) wrote: An unexpected comedy! ^_^

Jamie C (nl) wrote: After [REC] 3 was a huge letdown for so many reasons the fourth part should of gone back to its roots but it doesn't and the found footage effect is completley cut out all together, It was good they carried on the main story but the film itself felt like another cheap zombie flick with literally no scares what so ever, It was better than number 3 but only just though, Apart from one good twist there's not much to go on, [REC] franchise deserved a much better ending than this cheap cop out.

Thomas P (kr) wrote: Interesting take on the undercover genre by Herman Yau. The cast serves the film well and despite a feel of a movie for TV, it is reminiscent of some good entertaining flicks from the late 1990s.

Drew H (de) wrote: This movie sucks so much ass it's not even a werewolf movie it's a chupracabra movie so why do the have the word werewolf in the title American werewolf in London is one of my favorite films its great American werewolf in paris is okay but this so called sequel if it is a sequel to both films then John landis must be pretty pissed off the plot dousent deliver there's no frightening scenes there's no pop ups if there was I didn't notice and the werewolf or whatever it is looks and sounds like sh*t all the charectors are really unlikable the hole thing is a huge letdown to the original film at least this isn't as bad as howling 7 but this is weird in 1981 two werewolf films came out the howling and American werewolf in London they were both great it's just that American werewolf in London was better in my opinion but they both had horrible movie sequels other than the howling 5 though but anyways the last of the sequels suckd howling 7 an Mexican werewolf in Texas don't see this film it sucks

Sren H (ca) wrote: A milestone in Danish cinema, pure genious!

James C (ag) wrote: This 2003 film is Nick Broomfield's (Director) second Documentary on the American serial killer; Aileen Wuornos. The story begins around the time of Aileen's final death penalty appeal (that Broomfield testifies in).I think that the film paints a clear picture that if Aileen would have lived a different life and had different experiences then the prostitution, the murders and the whole situation would never have occurred. As it is, her story is a tragic one, with equally tragic consequences.Although the film is sound technically and does allow the viewer into areas that they (perhaps) could not go with other filmmakers, the documentary does "flit-about" and (at times) struggles to flow. It is called "Aileen: The Life and Death of a Serial Killer" and although her life was covered, I expected to have a lot more background information. The history of events leading up to the present are touched on very lightly and not covered in any great depth. I found myself getting confused between Father and Grandfather, and Mother and Grandmother. Although confusing in parts I did find it a very engaging film. It held my attention throughout and left me wanting to know more.I must stress that certain attitudes and procedures seem a little inappropriate in the American penal system (which the film highlights). For example; whether the prisoner is of sound mind enough to be executed. Also, that in this situation, all of the assessors found Aileen mentally competent and of sound mind. At the same time the audience watch and listen while she talks about mind control and pressure in her head (while guards seen in the background try not to giggle). For anyone watching the documentary, you feel that her mental state has been on a clear and steady decline over the period we have been following her - yet she is seen as perfectly sane. I agree with Nick on this one, it does make you wonder what someone has to do to fail one of the mental health tests.All things considered I think this is a good, thought provoking documentary. The source is a great and worthy subject but I feel it could have been delivered in a clearer, deeper presentation.

Andrey B (mx) wrote: Non typical role for Tom Hanks in a fine gangster film, also starring Paul Newman.

(it) wrote: Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Dustin Hoffman, Susan Sarandon, Ellen Pompeo, Holly Hunter, Dabney Coleman, Aleksia Landeau, Careena Melia, Mary Ellen Trainor, Lev Friedman, Bob Clendenin, Jim Fyfe, Richard Fancy, Marcia Mitzman Gaven, Allan Corduner Directed by: Brad Silberling Summary: Susan Sarandon and Dustin Hoffman co-star as the grieving mother and father of a recently deceased girl who take in their daughter's fianc (Jake Gyllenhaal) because he's the only living connection they have to their only child. Problems arise when the young man falls in love with a woman (Ellen Pompeo) whose boyfriend has gone missing, prompting his former in-laws-to-be to come to grips with the new relationship. My Thoughts: "The story pulled me in almost instantly. Great job by Gyllenhaal. His court room scene was very emotional. Sarandon and Hoffman both have their tear-jerker moments as well. Sarandon has this scene where she's sitting on her daughter's bed drinking as Gyllenhaal is climbing through the window, and she just breaks down and its just really sad. She's such an amazing actress. She always makes her characters feel real. Never seen Ellen Pompeo play such a big part in a film. I thought she was great in this. Just really good acting in this film. Although this is an emotional film, there is also quite of bit of humor throughout the film. The relationships between the three leads are honest, and realistic. This film has a great script with a great cast. Also the music in the movie is pretty great as well. Just a sad, honest, real, emotional, and funny film."

Jason M (fr) wrote: Almost great. The experience of British POW's during WWII was perhaps, already definitely captured in "Bridge Over the River Kwai" but this movie takes a much darker and surreal approach. Ryuichi Sakamoto's score is the real star of the movie. The opening theme stays with you throughout the film and provides most of the drama. Bowie, as always, is a hypnotic presence and is very good in his role, but his character never quite lives up to expectations. The movie ends incredibly strong but as a whole never seems to find cohesion. I wish the film dwelled more on the playful relationship between Mr. Lawerence & Sergeant Hara than it did on the homoerotic Celliers & Yonoi dynamic.

Justin B (ca) wrote: Both Apatow's best and worst movie. It's hisMost mature film and there's something kind of poignant about watching Adam Sandler play a burnt out, sellout comedian (himself), but at 2 and a half hours and with far fewer laughs than his other work, it becomes tedious.

Dy M (mx) wrote: Felt nervous and relieved with the ending :-) I thought Illeana's pregnant what a surprised--- just an act:-)

Connie L (br) wrote: Not the best dance movie