Freezer Burn: The Invasion of Laxdale

Freezer Burn: The Invasion of Laxdale

Disguised as executives from a Dutch Oil Company, Aliens from outer space buy a local farming company and promise to create jobs for the failing farming town. Their goal is to use crop circles to heat up the temperature of the earth and eventually turn the entire planet into a Club-Med for extra-terrestrials.

FREEZER BURN is an action comedy - aimed at a young male audience. Disguised as executives from a Dutch Oil Company, Aliens from outer space buy a local farming company and promise to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim W (gb) wrote: Incredible story, and history. However, I saw it when Carl presented at the old Lumiere in SF, and his in-person hour-long discussion/commentary afterward really filled in the gaps. There is context that cannot really be translated on screen. Still, a very worthwhile documentary.

Tony D (mx) wrote: not bad, tells the beginning and the history of the GLC, Sinestra, and Hal Jordan. But it suggests that Hal Jordan is the greatest GL .... ?

Gerasimos E (mx) wrote: a well tailored french movie on a sensitive subject. Sometimes humorous, sometimes bitter proves that what really matters at the end is human relationships (of all shades).

Sebhar S (kr) wrote: I had to watch this for class, so I went into it thinking it would be dull. Boy, was I wrong. This film elicited such a range of emotion from me that although I was in a library I both laughed and cried.

Gun (jp) wrote: Strange swedish movie.

Eli M (us) wrote: marlon brando portrays another masterclass acting as an anguished, tortured and lost widower pursuing grief over and over and over again in buttery perversions.

Kevin P (es) wrote: Een moderne variant op The Big Chill, die het vooral moet hebben van zijn charmante cast en niet van de stuurloze plotlijnen die ietwat onrealistisch en simpel opgelost worden. About Alex doet je geen kwaad als kijker, maar je neemt er ook niks van mee terug !

Dingleberry P (mx) wrote: If it would have been an hour and a half, with more social commentary, it could have been good. Instead it's super long and super pretentious with a shitty soundtrack and filler scenes.

Matthew L (es) wrote: Poseidon is a solid guilty-pleasure that offers some incredible effects and nonstop action.

Jess V (fr) wrote: Very good movie awsome action

Jenn B (kr) wrote: Though the story revolves around destiny and love at first sight (who wouldn't fall in love with Meg Ryan, really? The woman's the Zooey Deschanel of 90s!), it's nice that the story also tells you not just to settle. (But it's also movies like this that can make people doubt their happiness in a relationship however good it is, so it's best not to watch this too much or even believe in it.) Laughed lots of times watching this. (Thanks, Nora Ephron!) And cried a little (Shh.)