A Russian gang operating in Leeds with no respect for the laws of England, traffic Eastern Europeans in containers then enslave them, the women to sex, the men to illegal fights. They cross local businessman Gabe Taylor and a war escalates, but when his daughter is taken to be sold into the sex trade, Gabe fights back.

A Russian gang in the UK traffic Eastern Europeans then enslave them, the women to sex, the men to illegal fights. They cross a local businessman and a war escalates. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roger O (jp) wrote: Umberto Lenzis The Man from Deep River is the first feature film that combines two of the classic Italian Mondo elements from the 60s ; animal cruelty and bizarre interest in primitive tribe rituals - the template for later cannibal movies. But this is a cannibal film with a plot - stolen from A Man Called Horse (1970.) A photographer is on assignment in Bangkok. After killing a guy in self-defense, he escapes into the jungle. There he is captured by a tribe of natives. This is not as bloody as Lenzis later movies (eaten alive from 1980, and Cannibal Ferox from 1981) and it is the rituals that are the most bizarre here. Only a single cannibal scene! (The same scene is also used in eaten Alive) + the obligatory doses of animal killings, torture and rape. Mediocre all the way, but still interesting. More of a adventure film this really.----------Umberto Lenzis The Man from Deep River er den forste spillefilmen som kombinerer to av de klassiske italienske Mondofilm-elementene fra 60-tallet; brutalitet ovenfor dyr og interessen for primitive stammers ritualer og kultur - noe som ble malen for senere kannibalfilmer. Men dette er en kannibalfilm med handling - knabbet fra den ikke ukjente "A Man Called Horse" fra 1970. En fotograf er paa oppdrag i Bangkok. Etter aa ha drept en fyr i selvforsvar maa han tutle avgaarde inn i jungelen. Der blir han tatt til fange av de innfodte. Dette er ikke saa blodig som Lenzis senere filmer (Eaten Alive fra 1980 og Cannibal Ferox fra 1981) og det er vel ritualene som er det mest bizarre her. Kun en enslig kannibalscene blir vi servert. Den er til gjengjeld ganske heftig.(Den samme scenen brukes snodig nok ogsaa i Eaten Alive). Ellers er dette kultfilm paa det jevne. Middelmaadig spilt og med de obligatoriske doser med dyredrap, tortur og voldtekt.Akkurat godkjent faar vi konstatere mens vi henter pizzaen ut av ovnen.

Zack D (au) wrote: It's as deluded and in deceitful as a David Miscavige-produced film on Scientology

Jim M (kr) wrote: A wonderful story of conversion by a new culture. Going to Istanbul, Francesco is seduced by the new culture, as his wife will be after him.

Anthony C (us) wrote: I only saw the second half but it seemed to be a wacky movie with a lot of cool pyro effects and an original premise. Two brothers who can generate fire fighting their asses off and destroying everything that gets in their way! It's like a really wacky Coen Bros. superhero film.

Victor M (us) wrote: A dark mafia film, with a great performance of Christopher Walken as the mob y drug lord that wants to give something back to the poorest neighborhood. The end is atypical but suited to the story.

Zach T (ru) wrote: Some older movies stand the test of time very well, Panic in Year Zero is NOT one of those films. The movie was horrid. Funny and campy in all the wrong ways and a definite device to prove that Frankie Avalon is a tool. This film should have had William Shatner because the cast acted as choppy as he does. One thing I will give this movie is that its a time capsule of a time before women's rights. The message of the movie is that women are weak and wouldn't be able to take care of themselves. Not being from that time, it would be easy to write me off as not understanding of the era but even for a campy 60's flick, NO mother would have acted as weak and wishy washy as this one did. Every real mother would be fiercer than her husband to defend her loved ones.

Jen M (es) wrote: Great romance has sexuality. Ages 12+

jackie a (es) wrote: I guess I was a little lost, and didn't understand why they couldn't be together. My score would have been a little higher, if it had a better ending

Lars P (it) wrote: A movie with almost all the right ingredients that have trouble coming together. At the end a boring failure!

Cassandra M (mx) wrote: This film is great. Immortalised by Public Enemy, Big Daddy Kane and Ice Cube on "Burn Hollywood, Burn" from the Fear Of A Black Planet LP, as soon as I heard Driving Miss Daisy being rejected for Black Caesar (listen to the track, you'll understand) I knew that I had to see this film. After all, if it's good for three of my favourite rap artists then it's good enough for me, right?So I saw a copy in Bedford while I was doing my teacher training course, and me and my mate Jai went back to the place we were staying at and watched it. I was spellbound - it is one of the best Black aimed films that I own! (I don't like the term 'Blaxploitation'. Have you noticed that there doesn't seem to be an official 'Whitesploitation' genre?)OOH ARR BOOOYEEEE, SPOILERS BEEEEELOW.Anyway, for those that are interested in a review of the film rather than my personal beliefs, the film concerns Tommy Gibbs, a Black gangster who gets a job for the local Mob after a nifty killing in a barber shop. (This comes after an excellent beginning that sees him assist in the murder of a gangster in the middle of a crowded street.) It charts his rise and fall... much in the manner of Scarface (either version). As Larry Cohen says in his DVD commentary, it's more of a Black version of the old 1940s gangster films than it is a straight up exploitation piece like Slaughter or Black Gunn. I won't go into much detail as I urge you all to watch it, but I might add a couple of trivial points: you should watch it back to back with the sequel - Hell Up In Harlem. If you do, though, bear in mind that the print that survives has a substantially different ending. I say no more.Watch this film - it is truly a classic.