French Exit

French Exit

Davis meets Zina in a car wreck. Their immediate attraction for one another is put into jeopardy when they learn each is competing for the same writing job.

This movie attempts a persiflage on the Hollywood film industry, depicting two young authors, struggling on their way to their first successful screenplay: Right from the beginning - when ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert G (it) wrote: If you've seen my review of the first film then you know how my review is going to go so let's get to it.Pros:-A: Nice ending-D: Loved it. Very much reminded me of the works of David Firth-F: Not horror but an interesting little drama-G: Hilarious and didn't expect it-H: Strange and very nice artwork-J: Strong message behind this one-K: Kinda creepy-M: Based on a real life event in slow motion-N: Nothing new but it's directed well at least-O: A unique perspective-P: Dear god you've got to see this one-Q: Oddly funny-R: I don't know why they'd be doing this in their situation but it was a nicely done short film-S: Wow, this one was very well done-U: The future in a nutshell-V: Fucked up because it can really happen-W: This should either be made into a tv series or full length film-X: She'll be a one hit wonder before it's over-Y: Strange Japanese angsty teen-Z: Gory and disturbingCons:-B: Kinda stupid-C: Pretty sure this doesn't happen in modern times so why is it set in it?-E: Wasn't really horror and not very interesting-I: Not that great-L: One of the muppets escaped Sesame Street-T: Not my cup of teaConclusion:The ABCs of Death 2 is a decent film and slight improvement over the first film. It's worth a watch, Gorehounds.

kevin b (ca) wrote: In the end, John Dies at the End may have its darkly comic moments but there few and far between. The only saving grace is Paul Giamatti

Enaid N (es) wrote: Love the story, but the acting is horrible! It's like watching a very bad "B" movie.

Zachary M (de) wrote: Designed seemingly to piss as many people off as possible, but still being really funny. It may not have aged too well over the course of the last decade, but it must be said plenty of it still remains relevant. From the over militarized view of American foreign affairs, to the fact of a blind protesting and hypocritical Hollywood types. And yet throughout it all, it still has laughs, maybe not laughing all the time, but still laughing and it makes you think. Not right away, but it will stay with you, and that maybe the most important part of all.

Dani K (mx) wrote: omg i remember was my favorite!

Cris A (jp) wrote: Want to see what the fuss is about with respect to Clive Owen...check this film out.

Shawn W (gb) wrote: Ultra violent sequel follows a similar storyline as the original. Aided by a mesmerising Jimmy Page soundtrack in his first post-Zeppelin work. Most memorable scene is Kersey sending a mugger to meet Jesus.

Michael H (jp) wrote: Seriously RT, if you don't like this type of film you shouldn't bother rating it. I mean come on, 31%? It's a brilliant film and Bill Nighy as Viktor is amazing. RT, you will not obtain any credibility in my eyes with ludicrous ratings like that.

Anders A (es) wrote: A sarcastic and simple plot, turning it into pure genious, dressed up as a real gentleman. Petter Sellers delivering a solid piece of pure autism, a totally natural and straight autism. That being said the rest of the characters really builds up and around the movies credibillity, in which reaches high.

Brian K (ru) wrote: A fun satire on the dangers of an increasingly automated, industrial world and at the center is a nimble Chaplin at the top of his game.