French Kiss

French Kiss

French Kiss is director Kasdan’s best film since the Bodyguard. The plot involves a couple in love and one woman’s attempt to fly to Paris to get her lover back from a business trip and marry him. On the way she unknowingly smuggles something of value that has a petty thief chasing her across France as she chases after her future husband.

In a flight to France, a woman gets into troubles when she is engaged in a case of smuggling. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


French Kiss torrent reviews

Johan F (gb) wrote: Funny movie not horror at all. Worth while to have a peek at.

YK G (kr) wrote: Trip gone too far to be entertaining.

Christopher B (kr) wrote: A little dull. I enjoyed the first one obviously.

Evan M (gb) wrote: Offering deep mysteries and sometimes-confusing flashbacks, Saw challenges the mind with moral dilemmas, and even though its ending is phenomenal, the acting is sub-par and occasionally awkward.

Richard D (jp) wrote: Oddly this is #47 on AFI's Top 100 Laughs list because this is an extremely dark film. Granted the central party scenes are quite funny at times, but this is hardly a comedy.

Huw G (jp) wrote: Starts every bit as painful as you expect but, amazingly, it improves. It never gets great, and the bad never entirely goes away, but the balance shifts and you can enjoy some laughs.

Chad D (jp) wrote: Great acting performances, Sam Rockwell was great as always. The first half of the movie is gripping but ultimately falls short with the slow pacing and lackluster ending.

Barry T (mx) wrote: A very bizarre strange little indie drama but utterly watchable and thoroughly enjoyable. Long and Rossum make a cute couple and the story well its hard to follow so I gave up. It flits back and forth over a 6 year relationship.

Geoffrey C (de) wrote: As a vampire flick, Dracula untold is "cleaner" and simpler, eschewing the over-burden of plot that comes with modern characters. The story is a fictionalization of the history of Vlad Basarab Dracul of Wallachia and his conflict with the Turks. The actual historic character of Vlad Dracul is seen as a hero of the people in Romania, and up until recently, the people there sought to distance him from the Bram Stoker character. Realizing the capital gains to be had, they have relaxed that stance. In view of that development, this movie blends a skeletal framework of events from Dracul's history with the supernatural elements of the Bram Stoker character, creating a fictitious "origin story" for the titular vampire.I found Luke Evans to be a good fit for the lead, being handsome in a warrior sort of way, who also proved he could wear the fangs pretty well. Not every actor can rock the fangs believably, so being able to do that much is very very important. The original legends have been progressively ignored in recent years, pulling vampires into a weird almost ambiguous level of I-don't-know-what-the-heck-kind-of-thing-the-hero-is-supposed-to-be Twilightness that makes no sense at all.I like my vampires like the old legends painted them: conflicted undead characters that are consumed with a lust for blood, unable to cope with their undeadness by roaming the earth and trying to hold onto their humanity while putting family members at risk by being near them. Denied the light of day and confronted by the sheer horror of what they have become and the murders they have commited. Anything less than this is too far away from the legends for me.After seeing the movie Dracula Untold, I didn't hesitate to go right out and buy my own copy of the DVD. Luke Evans' portrayal resonated, and I appreciated the added love interest of his wife and child, and the dislike I had for the exotic and interesting Turkish adversary. Even the ancient sealed vampire was cool in his own creepy way..There are those who will feel the story is too simple, but I liked how it was presented and I enjoyed it far too much to give it anything less than 5 stars. It just goes to show how much we differ on what we go to the movies to see.

Kyle M (kr) wrote: Manifested with a newfound energy to put more into the mythology and conjuring up a few scares but resulted to be the least than the previous Activities with the thrills not the same and lesser creativity. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Ommannan G (de) wrote: Worst Nicholas Cage movie ever! Very Disappointed. Save your money.

Ryan W (ca) wrote: ,,,,,,,,,,,....