French Lolita

French Lolita


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:French Lolita 1998 full movies, French Lolita torrents movie

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French Lolita torrent reviews

Karsh D (jp) wrote: shocking and disturbing but powerful film where a teacher turns the tables on his unruly class. seriously not for the feint of heart.

Alan L (mx) wrote: A murderous gang becomes the prey when they pick on the wrong victims. Brutality, buckets of blood, stylish camera angles and excessive nudity are choice ingredients for a horror movie but here they are wrapped in a ridiculous nonsensical plot. And SPOILER it doesn't do exactly what it says on the tin :-)

Shawn E (gb) wrote: KANSAS CITY URBAN FILM FESTIVAL SELECTION: "35 & Ticking" 3 out of 5 Popcorn Bags "Director, writer and producer Russ Parr does the Tyler Perry thing better than Tyler Perry. '35 & Ticking' is an often funny and somewhat insightful urban romantic comedy that centers around a group of thirty somethings struggling to find the meaning of their lives. Yes, much of the story is cliched but the perspective is fresh. And Kevin Hart is hilarious. Dude is actually seriously on point and funny as hell. Still can't forgive him for 'Soul Plane' but his performance in this movie helps. Nothing ground breaking but '35 & Ticking' is seriously entertaining.

(es) wrote: ??? ? ??? ?? ? ?? ??? ??? ??? ?? ?? ? ? ??? ?? ?? ???? ?? ???? ?? ????? ??? ???? ?? ??? ? ?? ? ?? ?? ? ??? ?? ??? ???? ?? ??? ??

Cristian T (ca) wrote: The best movie I've seen during the last week-end.

Michael P (au) wrote: After 10 years two college buddies reconnect. They go to parties, have dinners, reminisce, and then decide to bang each other in a gay porn film. Yep.

Sondre L (es) wrote: Faktisk et par nesten litt skumle scener!

Felipe V (ru) wrote: No hay que descansar en su historia e incluso en sus personajes o dialogos perpetuos, esta pelicula simplemente encanta por su fotografia, sus largas secuencias que desafian la paciencia a partir de la intriga y la tension. El trabajo de Fred Kelemen subraya una vez mas su gran curriculum como cinematografo. De estas peliculas ya no se hacen, es como retroceder cuatro decadas. Muy interesante, no apta para impacientes, y no recomendable para el trasnoche.

Jayakrishnan R (ag) wrote: 33%Saw this on 19/12/14Child molesting, obscene homosexuality involving kids and many more of the American bullshits are idolized for most of the film's duration. Besides, there's no suspense or mystery, anyone with a decent brain can guess the film's mystery 10 minutes into it. Despite the good performances, the film is unbearable and hardly memorable.

Joseph E (jp) wrote: A little less endearing portrals of outdated movie screenplays that couldn't cut it back in the day, cause they obviouslty couldn't now.

Jennifer D (gb) wrote: I so rarely cry, but leave it to Helena Bonham Carter and Cary Elwes to do it. Dumb sweet, young romance. Henry the VIII and his aftermath is one of the most fascinating times in history to me, so I loved it in that sense, even if this wasn't all entirely true. Hey, it's Hollywood. But I still loved the story and the lesson. And I do love period piece. I loved the costumes, the acting, the story, the casting, everything. Even the stony end with Queen Mary.

Chris P (es) wrote: Really enjoyed this one. One of the better told and most interesting origin stories in the MCU. 3.5/5

Olivier B (ca) wrote: I have seen this movie one week ago and I think of it each day since. Ellen Page is great. But the credits here goes to Patrick Wilson, who did a forgotten underrated job in a masterclass performance. The ending is a little bit abrupt but until then. I was hooked.

ANDERSON G (nl) wrote: I really like shooting style of Paul Thomas Anderson, and in this regard Magnolia is amazing, camera angles, cuts, long shots, the sequences plans, the soundtrack, the way the sound Trina is used, sometimes as background, sometimes inlaying or against point the scene, or even sung by the characters is amazing, the performances are very good, especially the Melora Walters, But Magnolia has serious rhythm problems, you do not feel the evolution of history after two hours of film, half of people sleep or exchange channel, the script also at first is confused, and in the course of the story he is lost in himself, but after a while you get used to this confusion, even with these problems the script presents us with vairios problems with different actors, and one of them you will be identified, and the film quite conversation with your viewers. Magonolia is not for any public, magnolia is the typical movie to movie buff.

joey b (br) wrote: Weird movie but it makes you think which I like