French Quarter

French Quarter

Chronicles the life of a young New Orleans prostitute and her co-workers.

Chronicles the life of a young New Orleans prostitute and her co-workers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyler B (kr) wrote: I want to see this movie

Peter P (nl) wrote: I love swords, do you love swords, cause if you love swords, do yourself a favor and watch Reclaiming The Blade. It looks at the history of sword fighting and making, and how movies have kept sword fighting alive in the world today. It has lots of great interviews and is narrated wonderfully by John Rhys-Davies, plus lots of footage that you will probably see no where else. A must see for sword lovers.

Alberto G (fr) wrote: Laughable, non-scary, badly acted piece of crap.

Anna B (mx) wrote: I guess you could argue that the characters are unlikeable, the central relationship is absurd beyond the suspension of disbelief, that that's also an apt description of the scattered plot. But I laughed. A lot. Arteta's direction is so energetic and well-timed, and the performers so charming and committed, I was laughing at even the hoary old gags I saw coming a mile away. As far as comedy goes, it was a roaring success.

Trevor W (nl) wrote: An interesting look at the sexual struggle of an unhappy married couple. Slow but mesmerizing, this film has wonderful writing and even better acting.

Kurt C (au) wrote: Before Newies or Batman, Christian Bale played Yum Yum in The Land of Faraway! Wow, what childhood memories this brought back. Fun story.

Wes S (au) wrote: Stocky slasher/stalker plot, with z-grade filming, dull teen characters, and generic dialog. It's boring to follow, and the ending is typical.

Ian G (ca) wrote: Franco Zeffirelli's stunning execution of the Saint Francis of Assisi story. This film has been criticised for its softness (as has Zeffirelli in general), but it's that almost naive innocence which gives the film a certain timeless beauty.

Orlok W (mx) wrote: Hilarious spoof of marriage and the family... Actually Sicilian style!!

Russell H (gb) wrote: This was pretty bad. I lost me half way through. Not a terrible ending with the statue.

Guido S (it) wrote: Christina Ricci's boyfriend goes off to the army, but she has a constant sexual desire which leaves her passed out and left for dead when Samuel L. Jackson finds her. He tries to help her, but she has to be chained down for him to be able to trust she won't do anything. A really good film, one of Ricci's best performances. Jackson is also great here. Timberlake has a pretty small role, but is decent for what is requested of him.