Frenchie King

Frenchie King

Outlaw sisters in the old West inherit a ranch and try to settle down and develop relationships with neighboring family of lots of brothers.

Outlaw sisters in the old West inherit a ranch and try to settle down and develop relationships with neighboring family of lots of brothers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos I (jp) wrote: While it's formulaic and can be clich, it's still a solid boxing movie. It's quite the recovery story, and Teller does a great job playing this very charming dude.

Amanda H (br) wrote: This movie is nearly impossible to watch because it's so heartbreaking and disturbing, but the performances are absolutely brilliant. This is hands down the best performance I've seen from Abigail Breslin to date, and that's saying something. If you're already in a low state of mind you should definitely not put yourself through it, but if you can handle it, it is well worth seeing.

Marvin B (de) wrote: I don't know how this movie won the Grand Prix. Good story though, but it's too slow and boring. The ending is frustrating.

Geophrey G (fr) wrote: Great tunes, worse film.

Esther S (ag) wrote: This movie is a true visionary masterpiece that has stuck me in a way no film has in a very long time. Despite the implications from the title the only marriage that happened was between me and a box of white wine in a night of pure self love and decadent girl time. The entire movie I was rooting for love(as was the wine ??), and in the end I think love won but I blacked out after I had to close my eyes during the thrilling kidnapping scene involving a carpet and the bride. Luckily though my box of Pinot saw everything with the googly eyes I added, and was not disappointed. Despite the fake baby,this movie is rich in authenticity by telling the untold story of three girls who fight the good fight in an unjust world as well as most importantly, proving that true girl power always triumphs, just like me and Peter Pinot(we're getting married ????). This movie has stuck me at an especially pressing time because of the passing of my late husband Martin Merlot. Since losing Martin after a life long viscous struggle with gout, I have an emptiness I try to fill with cheap thrills and even cheaper wine , luckily this movie is cheap ??and just the thrill I've needed??.

Christopher b (us) wrote: Had to watch it at school

Ryan S (ca) wrote: Meh. Cafe is another decent idea rendered boring by cliche ridden plots and regurgitated, almost discredited tropes. It stars Jennifer Love Hewitt, so I should have known better, but I was sucked by the opening shot--a panorama of the Victorian building dwelling in West Philadelphia--the film's only quality shot. Set in a cafe and only in the Cafe, the main gist is that the world is a computer program, a Sims of shorts, run by a 10-year old girl. She decides to reveal herself to a stereotypical fat, cafe patron. After the obligatory denial-and-proof section that all movies asserting such fantasy in a realistic setting must have, she compels the fat-dude to tell Hewitt's character, a barista, that they are in fact not real. If you suspect that this is the main thrust of the plot you would be sadly mistaken. All that comes from this moment, a moment built-up by angst, doubt, and soul-searching by the fat guy, is nothing but a conversation on juvenile metaphysics. Nothing changes because of it; nothing is advanced; it has no effect on the events that come after it. Why did the little girl-god have the fat guy do it? No reason, apparently. Most of the film deals will the b-stories of the patrons. They tell you it. Meaning, they sit at the cafe and tell you their stories, because that's much better than actually seeing it played out on film. Have you ever sat at a coffeehouse and have a blabbermouth sit down beside you and yammer on about themselves? Were they annoying and did you not care about their life? Same thing!Even more annoying, the movie stars a co-worker secretly in-love with Mrs. Hewitt, and yes, he want's to revel his crush. Ugg. I am so sick of this story-line. To say that I don't care anymore if a character ever gets his limerence object would be an understatement--I am several years passed that--now I actively root against the Pepe La Pew character; that's how sick I am of the trope. There is even the predictable who-do-you-like conversation where Hewitt speculates that it is a well endowed redhead who has the hots for him, and I think ??yes! Go for the big breasted redhead!!!?? But like a tool, he doesn't.The plot does advance to an interesting twist at the end. I won't give it up in case you, for unimaginable reasons, want to watch the movie. It is dark though. But when you have a girl-god with access to the alt-ctl-delete buttons, you need not worry the film ending with any emotional depth. The avatar theme is interesting, if not executed competently; I give one star for that. I give another star for the twist at the end, but deduct one-half for the deus ex machina. 1.5 stars.

Jamie C (fr) wrote: You would think a film about a time machine that's a hot tub wouldn't get much praise but it turns out you shouldn't judge a film by its title, It's funny, Gross in places all the cast were great and looked like they enjoyed filming it, The story has been done so many times but it works plus it's different to other time travel movies, It's way better than it should of been and a good way to kill time.

Wayne S (de) wrote: Inspired by the exploits of blind mountain climber, Eric Weihenmayer, six students from the Tibetan School for the Blind undertake an expedition to the Lhakpa-Ri summit of Mt. Everest. One of the most engaging documentaries of recent years, this film is beautiful and awe-inspiring. Filmed against the backdrop of the world's tallest mountain, you will find the prerequisite thrills of a mountain climbing saga, but this wise little film is really about something more awe-inspiring... the human spirit. Since reading "Into Thin Air," I've watched a lot of films about Everest and read the books too, but here's something different. An expedition organized to get six blind Tibetan teenagers to the Lhakpa-Ri peak of the mountain, becomes the backstory to some even greater challenges for these brave youngsters. One by one, their life stories are revealed to be as inspirational as anything they encounter on the windswept glaciers of the world's tallest mountain. In a country where blindness is considered a curse, we find these young men and women to be closer to greatness in their courage and humility, than any fainter glory that reaching a mountain summit could bring them. Interesting interplay among the adult sponsors of the trip, rugged mountain guides who see things in the western spirit of individual achievement, and the teachers from the school, one of them blind herself, who simply want their young friends to experience the joy and comradeship of which they have had so little in their lives. Time and again, while watching, I was overwhelmed by emotion, but this is not a film of cheap sentimentality. It's about the darkness that surrounds anyone who feels cut off and outcast, and the light that suddenly penetrates to the heart of those who experience something resembling family and acceptance for the first time in their lives.

Ramin R (de) wrote: Great movie! This will require multiple viewings for me to really try to figure it out, but after the 1st time I can say that this movie is a fun yet confusing psychological thriller with lots of twists and turns. It will keep you guessing till the very end, and even then you may not get it, like I don't. It is visually stunning, the cast gives a great performance, and you will never get bored. It's a suspenseful, mysterious brain teaser that you could discuss with your friends for hours and will most likely keep you thinking about it for a while. Must see.

Zack M (it) wrote: Being hailed as Mr. Kurt Vonnegut's favorite movie made me instantly interested in this film. It was completely off my radar to be honest, until Criterion recently released the bluray update. To make a long story short, I was not prepared for the beautifully tragic piece of cinema which awaited me. It begins about a boy who is trying desperately to find his place in the world. He is experiencing adolescence and in a way he is fighting an uphill battle. The end gives is a gorgeously crafted high note to a heart wrenching film. There is so much going on though, it never comes off as a pity party for this main character. There is so much authenticity glowing out of every scene, connecting the audience to every aspect of the story. It's an investing plot which drew me into the lives of these characters. It earns every somber moment. It also has the ability to bring so much delight you can hardly watch the screen.The writing is fresh and sharp despite the films age. It has the cutting irony that is present in Vonnegut's novels. There are times you will laugh in spit of yourself, and times you will cry at beauty. All giving this film an air all its own, and an aftertaste like the sweetest bitter. It's almost a paradox in the emotion it engages the audience in making it hard to describe in a simple review. I could go on and on about the deep and immense themes that run throughout the film, but it would be better for you to enter the film free of preconceived notions, so instead I will end fittingly with a quote from Kurt Vonnegut."Maturity is a bitter disappointment for which no remedy exists, unless laughter can be said to remedy anything.""Hello babies. Welcome to Earth. It's hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It's round and wet and crowded. On the outside, babies, you've got a hundred years here. There's only one rule that I know of, babies-"God damn it, you've got to be kind."

Peter A (ag) wrote: Let's be clear: Goin' South is young Jack Nicholson's version of a Romantic Comedy, so you can imagine it's nothing like how the rest of us view a romantic comedy. I'm not saying the movie's bad, it's actually pretty good as a late '70s Western comedy, but it's a little strange. It's another vehicle for letting Nicholson act crazy, this time in the Old West, and that's cool because crazy is half the reason I watch a Nicholson movie. Throw John Belushi, Christopher Lloyd & Danny DeVito into the mix, and you got the makings of something funny.But the problem I have is Goin' South isn't ha-ha funny or crazy zany. I get an actual story is being told, and that's fine, but the comic potential is so weighted down it's hard to fully get in to the movie. I wanted to see Nicholson, Lloyd and Belushi go over the top more than they did. Also, Mary Steenburgen is a fine actress. I really like her, but I didn't sense much chemistry between her and Nicholson. That makes sense in the beginning, but even in the end, I wasn't feeling much of a connection between the two.So while the laughs and the romance might be underwhelming, Goin' South is still worth seeing just to appreciate watching this collection of actors, including Ed Begley Jr., in their primes working to make a good film.

Luc L (fr) wrote: A good relaxing film.

Dave W (kr) wrote: Aronofsky and company manage to find the humanity in the exploitative worlds of professional wrestling, stripping, and 80s hair metal, but it really isn't very pretty or glamorous. The deeply flawed characters are portrayed with sympathy, while being cast in an unapologetic light. The protagonist is much more a subject of study than a hero. While the WWE might suffer from too much focus on the microphone, I think that the weak-link in Mickey Rourke's performance is his in-ring persona and mic-work.

Sarah F (ag) wrote: I would like to see this, i think...

bill s (au) wrote: Coming of age dreamers dream type movie that uplifts the spirits.

JJ M (ag) wrote: It's the type of popcorn 'western-style' film (holy shit, this was made in 1990?!) that offends very deeply. When in god's name did immigrant Irish cattle ranchers ever drive indigenous Australians across cliffs for the hell of it? And I won't mention the crude stereotypes bestowed upon every single batch (yes, they come in batches. The script doesn't go into specic character developments of single individual sapart from the three leads) of characters because that would just make me mad. Mad, I tell you. Even the poor dingoes are given the baby-killing stereotype. Trash, utter trash and I have very little respect left for Tom Selleck after this. Although an episode of Magnum PI could sway me back to the land of reason....or could it? It's been a while since I last seen it.