This science fiction love story follows the forbidden relationship between a 'low born' boy and a 'high born' girl in an alternate reality where every person's relationships and life worth are determined by their innate "frequencies".

OXV: THE MANUAL is being billed as the world's first Scientific-Philosophical romance. Boy meets girl in a not-quite-here, not-quite-now world where one simple discovery has forever changed... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Frequencies torrent reviews

Anna Q (us) wrote: Awkward, as I expected it to be. But very cute. Another reminder that love isn't perfectly packaged.

Ian P (ca) wrote: Something went terribly wrong in a movie about forced pregnancies and inbred hicks!

Julien L (mx) wrote: Un vigilante-movie pour couille-molles. Seul 1 ou 2 squences et la prsence de Sean Bean et Bob Hoskins relve un peu le niveau.

Kirk E (fr) wrote: A very compelling story, but the direction is gimmicky and distracting.

Abid H (us) wrote: Very simple plot. Screenplay is excellent and acting superb. Beautifully shot and has a certain charm. Enjoyed it.

Shannon R (es) wrote: Very real, to its benefit and its fault.

Jens T (mx) wrote: A good preformance by Lawrence of Arabia star Omar Sharif as the shop owner Ibrahim whp's unlike our main character Momo follow his OWN coran.

Juan David C (ag) wrote: What a treasure of cinematography, directing, acting and history!

Brody M (nl) wrote: Picked it up at the library,Tried to watch it but got bored so I took it back.Seen it at the library again & decided to give it another chance & Im so glad I did.A great movie

Bill M (es) wrote: Jesus crack norm, like Jimmy crack corn, and I don't care.

Dennis B (it) wrote: Great Movie. Morgan Freeman plays a very realistic alcoholic