Freske fraspark

Freske fraspark

Per Sætermyrmoen has won the 50 kilometer in Holmenkollen, but which village is he from, Alvdal or Tynset?

Per Sætermyrmoen has won the 50 kilometer in Holmenkollen, but which village is he from, Alvdal or Tynset? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Igor T (de) wrote: A movie that holds few to no surprises, but makes excellent use of its rocky island locations.

Marlon W (ag) wrote: Part of a new series by DC Comics to show the rest of their roster for introduction into the lucrative straight to dvd movie market, this Jonah Hex is actually good. I've seen some of the others with The Spectre, Superman/Shazam and Green Arrow. They all are impressive at introducing new audiences to these characters. A must see for true comic fans.

Oscar T (us) wrote: El primer amor, la amistad, la complicidad, la decepcion, el despertar sexual todo eso se une para darle vida a la historia de Marie una nia de 15 aos que esta por descubrir la fascinante etapa de la adolescencia y los lios y problemas que esto conlleva.

Ben G (de) wrote: What a surprise. This film is much better than it' straight-to-dvd fate may suggest. The ensemble have oodles of chemistry and the charming, quirky script is a complete pleasure.

Paul C (ca) wrote: First half -> 4 starsSecond half -> 2.5 starsEnding -> Lackluster and out of place

Mike T (br) wrote: A graceful, visually exquisite piece that (on a second watch) works for me despite its flaws. The languid nature of the narrative is obviously a detractor as far as audience connection goes, but it works to establish an enigmatic presence for both of the main characters. The story has a poetic sensibility that allows us to discard some of our expectations as to what the movie is going to deliver. David Thewlis is brilliant, as always, and Thandie Newton is very strong too. That's saying a lot, since the actors have very little dialogue to establish their performances with. Watch it once, think about it, and then watch it again.

Sean D (us) wrote: Frankenhooker is a lot of fun and is light on the graphic violence and that's always a good thing. The film is well done and is a very nice little spin on the Frankenstein story. It's basically a complete remake but spinoff at the same time of the original film. Ironically, the main actor pays no homage to his clear influence for his work, Victor Frankenstein. The film is a borderline black or dark comedy and basically is just pure nuts but is totally fun.

Henry W (de) wrote: I gotta say, I wasn't a huge fan of comic book animation adaptations, but this one and The Dark Knight Returns were a whole lotta fun. Great voice acting and surprisingly darker than I expected.

Helen Y (au) wrote: Not seen it, but I gussed what was going to happen in the first one.

Tristan P (ag) wrote: A better than average example of the post-Hammer, neo-gothic horror films that were coming out in the 80's. The idea of Dr. Jekyll turning into Jack the Ripper was a masterstroke, and Anthony Perkins does a darn good job in the role(s), but the direction by former porn maker Gerard Kikoine is substandard. Could've been a bit gorier, too...