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Frida - en trotjänarinna


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James W (nl) wrote: For six college bound teens a getaway is exactly what they need. So when Sara invites her mates to her island beach-house for a sun soaked weekend they go without question, but once they arrive they find out that the lake surrounding Sara's idyllic beach-house is infested with sharks, huge sharks, but who put them there? The story is your typical teen schlock-fest slasher with no suspense, tacky gore and basic run of the mill characterse: A sexy slutty type, cocky arrogant guy, cool black dude, his hot girlfriend and a nerdy guy, but two of the characters aren't bland and they are played by Sara Paxton and Dustin Milligan as Sara and Nick, the former being a young girl with a past she'd like to forget and the latter a devoted college student desperate to pass his course, and these two alone drive the movie away from most of the generic parts and are actually enjoyable to watch. Paxton is severely underrated, she was incredible in The Innkeepers and Last House On The Left and she is the saviour of Shark Night. The direction is lousy, David R. Ellis throws in fast forward montages accompanied by cheap guitar riffs and the result cheapens the film giving it a TV movie feel, the movie lacks tension, even considering that this is one of the gore-fests there should at least be palpable air of suspense, like Final Destination but instead we get sharks that fly out the water which in turn delivers unintentional laughs, I enjoyed myself at parts but never thrilled.

Greg W (kr) wrote: cheap look =just a so-so chop soky pic

Dave R (us) wrote: Well it wasn't as bad as I thought be a little silly but it was still good thow kinda remined me of the old movie Christine just with a twisted

Jason K (es) wrote: This Was really AWFUL

Dann M (de) wrote: Inspired by true events, Rescue Dawn is a harrowing tale of survival. The story follows Navy pilot Dieter Dengler who's shot down in Laos during the Vietnam War and is imprisoned in a Viet Cong internment camp until he and his fellow POWs attempt a daring escape. Christian Bale, Steve Zahn, and Jeremy Davies all give incredible performances. And, writer/director Werner Herzog does an impressive job at bringing a gritty realism to the film. However, the pacing is kind of slow, and the narrative is weak and hard to follow at times. Yet despite its problems, Rescue Dawn delivers a compelling tale of heroism.

John T (gb) wrote: indie movie that is just a weird conversation/dialog. I enjoyed listening to it, though...

Cary Y (ca) wrote: Petty darn good. I'm now prepared to see "Split".

Adam D (fr) wrote: I really like stoner movies, even though i don't smokdeganj often.

Caitlin L (es) wrote: The concept of the movie is good. But they seemed to be going down hill from beginning.

Byron B (us) wrote: want to see this because it won best foreign-language film at the golden globes, and was nominated for best foreign film at the oscars and by NBR

John D (ca) wrote: I really thought this was the weakest sequel in teh franchise, untill I saw Jason X.

Joey L (gb) wrote: Great time waster, esp. on a Sunday morning when there is nothing else on. Pretty damn funny

Ricardo A (de) wrote: I admired the novelistic approach to the film. Elia Kazan adapted his own novel to the screen and the novelistic feel to interiority that you would find in a novel is found in the film. Lots of subjectivity through flashback which are reflective of Kirk Douglas' mind through the editing. It bounces back and forth from flashbacks and fantasy sequences throughout its duration. Its a good film. Too bad the critics and audiences snubbed it on initial release. Its decent. I'm an admirer of Kazan's work and this being an extension of his writing career as author lends itself to a different Kazan that I hadn't seen before.

Daniel M (es) wrote: This is an amazing film. It's still remarkable, even by today's standards. If you haven't seen it, I guarantee you'll love it.

Les E (nl) wrote: A nice story with nice songs about the rise of a nice star. We need more nice. I enjoy nice.

Rob R (jp) wrote: this movie is not only a classic it is my favorite movie of all time the singing, dancing, acting, and storyline were top of the line for the time this movie was made. one of the most under rated movies in history

Art S (au) wrote: Charlie heads to Nevada to figure out what is going on when a family friend is charged with the murder of a nasty socialite. Everyone in Reno is apparently there getting six-week "quickie" divorces (or working to support the industry) - except for the rare mining engineer or cowboy sheriff (Slim Summerville as comic relief). As usual, there are enough character actor red herrings to confuse the most observant viewer - but somehow with its mix of comedy (also thanks to number two son Jimmy played by Victor Sen Yung) and adventure (a trip to a ghost town), this Chan mystery ends up being more entertaining than average. Sidney Toler charms in one of his earlier turns as Charlie after Warner Oland's death.