Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

After the Crystal Lake Massacres, Jason is pronounced dead and taken to the hospital morgue, where he is mysteriously revived, allowing his diabolical killing spree to continue at the camp where the gruesome slaughtering began. But this time, in addition to terrified teenagers, he meets a young boy named Tommy who has a special talent for horror masks and make up, leading up to a horrifying, bloody battle! Has Jason finally met his match?

Thought to be killed by the sole survivor of the last massacre at Camp Crystal Lake, Jason Voorhees kills his way back to the camp to once again murder its inhabitants. This time, has Jason met his match in the little boy Tommy Jarvis? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter torrent reviews

Awais Y (it) wrote: Main character thinks [over-explains] too much.

Mariana A (jp) wrote: Not remotely what I expected it to be -- EVEN BETTER!!! I laughed hysterically through most of it. I've been a big John Waters fan for ages, but this makes me like him even more.

Hannah K (us) wrote: Emma Roberts is so adorable as Nancy Drew!

Kyle M (au) wrote: "The Cat Returns" is a nice spin-off of "Whisper of the Heart," revolving around the universe of the Baron - the cat statue seen in the latter film - and the story that was written in the latter as well. This is also a nice move for Studio Ghibli when their masterpieces are singular (and few were given rejected-or-shelved sequel plans). Putting the two films together, you'll see this one is a B movie by its length and how much fantasy it contains to even the two parts (it would be like 3 hours long if the films are turned into one).It's the most charming B movie. The heart's sweet and cute with occasional humor by the nice voice acting, and the animation's charming - as it's the film's make-up; but some moments of drama may seem a little melodramatic along with some moments of weirdness. (The film also carries a little "Spirited Away," like a girl gets suck into a fantasy world and can't forget who she is or she'll get stuck there). (B+)The English dub stars the returning Cary Elwes, Anne Hathaway, Peter Boyle, Tim Curry, Elliot Gould and Kristen Bell.

Freeman M (ru) wrote: The movie doesn't quite reflect how fantastic the series is on a regular basis, but it's still watchable.

Rejaul I (us) wrote: it only gets this rating because i'm one of them during the day...and its all true!!!

Mr D (ru) wrote: Protestant Boondock Saint(s) or more like protestant IRA King of Nothing?The movie misses a vigilante theme for a boondocks saintesque movie. It's also depends less on imagery, which would make it more protestant. The movie does not really get behind the politicial motives. Good watch but the violence is tame.


Jason D (it) wrote: I think every horror fan out there needs a nice dose of French Horror Sleazy Eurotrash and just about nobody can do that as well as Jess (Jesus) Franco can do it. In Faceless (or Les Predatuers de la Nuit as it's more commonly known) has the demented Dr. Flamand (Helmut Berger) working tirelessly alongside his beautiful yet deadly assistant Nathalie (Brigitte Lahaie) to find a way to restore the face of his disfigured sister. Their constant stream of kidnapping beautiful women, keeping them locked up in hidden dungeons, and viciously butchering them takes an interesting crossroads when they kidnap the daughter (Caroline Williams) of a rich businessman (Terry Salvas) who sends his top PI (Chris Mitchum) to Paris to try and find her. There's also the inclusion of a sadistic Nazi doctor (Anton Diffring) who is the doctor's last hope of using fresh flesh to restore his sister's beauty. Plenty of gore and nudity run about this film's slightly overlong running time. Also, there's a bevy of comedy throughout, both unintentional and intentional...with the intentional still coming off a bit awkward. The movie is "shot in English" but it may as well be a badly-dubbed foreign flick with it's laughable dialog and acting, even though it sports a substantially notable cast of genre icons in it. Definitely a recommendation for hardcore horror enthusiasts only, but if you take this film seriously, you'll be sorely disappointed. Yes, this is a remake of the superior Eyes Without a Face, which makes this film a horrid mess and slap-in-the-face to the original, but if you tune out that fact and pretend you're just watching a bad rip-off, then you'll enjoy it more.

David G (us) wrote: What can I say? Dean Martin croons and Jerry Lewis gurns. Funny in places, annoying in others. Standard Martin & Lewis.

Daniel L (nl) wrote: Fun movie, its nothing original but the likable leads add up to some good laughs.

Dusty L (ca) wrote: 80% on my Tomatometer.