Fridolf sticker opp!

Fridolf sticker opp!

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Gilbert M (gb) wrote: The so-called critics at Rotten Tomatoes really are idiots.

Laura M (mx) wrote: It was very much a genre piece and borrowed from things that came before, but I really liked the sense of humor and the cast.

Hector O (mx) wrote: Cast includes my good friend Eduardo Ambriz DeColosio!

Rosalie P (ru) wrote: Extremely well done story about Jewish woman at the end of WW2. Lots of suspense. Very emotional. Carice Van Houten was Brilliant in the lead.

Lisa A (nl) wrote: I think Scot wanted to see it because Drew is in it.

Erin D (mx) wrote: I used to love this film when I was younger, there's something really special to a child about grandparents. a sweet and sentimental film with a great cast.

kendall p (es) wrote: I have liked this movie since i was a kid, its good old comedy!! ya can't beat Knotts and Conway!

Nico B (br) wrote: Will Smith is charming, unfortunately it's not enough to save Wild Wild West's laughably terrible writing, story, and lack of comedy!