Friends & Lovers

Friends & Lovers

Friends for ten years, a group of twenty-somethings head for the ski slopes as guests of Ian's father. (Ian and dad are estranged because dad worked too many hours when Ian was a lad.) Dad has something to say, but Ian won't listen. Meanwhile, David is gay and virginal; Ian's business partner, Keaton, is unhappy that his sister Jane is pregnant with no plans to tell the father; Lisa is everybody's pal and no one's lover; John, stuck in adolescence, is always on the make. He brings German-born stunner, Carla, and promptly loses her affection to Hans, a fast-talking ski instructor. David meets Manny: they have chess in common. Soon, surprises abound as relationships take new turns.

Friends for ten years, a group of twenty-somethings head for the ski slopes as guests of Ian's father. (Ian and dad are estranged because dad worked too many hours when Ian was a lad.) Dad ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erica E (us) wrote: A beautiful and tragic love story torn to pieces by misunderstanding and refusal to admit reality. Briony is an easy scape-goat for the tumult in the lives of Cecilia and Robbie, for she even blames herself; however, the audience hates Briony not for her actions as a 13-year-old but for our own flaws reflected in her character. The depth of this story excels expectations in its finale when its revelation of reality leaves the viewers wanting to hold onto the reverie of happiness.

Alexander N (mx) wrote: Boring from start to finish.

Jesse C (jp) wrote: Took a few years but I finally saw it. So I've seen quite a few satirical horror films before, but this was one of the best ones. Good performances,good humor, and (After the shift from mockumentary to a traditional horror film) some good ol' gore

Cole S (de) wrote: Never has a film seemed so visionary and apt than Brooks comedy of human nature and reality TV. His efforts to document a real american family crumble around him as he becomes more and more immersed in the "reality" he's trying to capture. Seek this one out, it's incredible.

Ethan U (ru) wrote: Looked like it had good potential at the beginning, but just turned out being another corny "gangster" movie. There were a couple good scenes but for the most part the acting was corny, the dialogue was also corny. Just sucks because it looked like it could be good, but was a big bomb.

Spookie M (kr) wrote: A fairly mediocre Elmore Leonard adaptation notable only for some groundbreaking stuntwork and Charles Durning looking like Captain kangaroo. Silly.

Dean E (kr) wrote: Such a realistic movie.....

Andrew B (de) wrote: O'Toole and Linn-Baker are great in this.

Will D (mx) wrote: a confused mess, though there's some cool film noir effects here and there.

Blake P (mx) wrote: Blaxploitation is so synonymous with the persona of Pam Grier that the subgenere may as well be dubbed as worthless trash when without her. Let's face it: blaxploitation flicks are trash, nudie cuties stirred up with drug violence and gang warfare without enough acumen to make for anything besides low, low, art. For the most part, they consist of a few ticklish one-liners, a myriad of boob flashes, and a hell of a lot of gun shots, cocaine snorts, and shag carpets. Today, we're fond of their terribleness. They remind us of a time when films could be sleazy and unapologetic, bulletproof to critics because they catered to audiences looking for skin, slaughter, and post-Motown blackness. But Pam Grier doesn't, and never did, disappear into the background noise of better films. As of this moment, you probably can't remember what Tamara Dobson ("Cleopatra Jones") looked like, how Ron O'Neal ("Superfly") sounded when he was high on movie coke - but I guarantee that, in ten years, Grier will still be hanging around in your psyche, personifying the ever elusive film femme that was strong and scrappy but also feminine and sensitive. As Roger Ebert reminded us in his original review of 1973's "Coffy", Grier essentially reversed the stereotypes strung together by the majority of blaxploitation thrillers. Most gave the man the duty to save the day while the love interest waited around in bed until he finally fixed things up and had time to make some water bedded love. But Grier, or perhaps, writer/director Jack Hill, in an honorably feminist mood, asked a question most left untouched: what would happen if the woman saved the day, and didn't need a man to survive in a cold, hard world of drugs, cash, and hookers? As "Coffy" opens, its titular matron is pissed. Kills two drug pushers with a shotgun pissed. Is willing to slaughter more criminals pissed. Smacking the blood on her lips pissed. Why? Her sweet little sister, apparently not as precious as she thought, has destroyed her sacred life with laced heroin, laying sick and immobile in a hospital that would rather get rid of her than help her out. Coffy wanted her young sibling to have dreams, to dance, to let her hair down in a wholesome, Doris Day kind of way. So when those hopes are diminished, she decides to get revenge on the drug mavens who gave her the goods in the first place. After violent confrontations continue on in a vicious cycle, she finally sets her sights on crime lord King George (Robert Duqui), who seems to be behind all the street crud that has sabotaged her life. And when it turns out that her congressman boyfriend (Booker Bradshaw) also has a part in the corruption, she figures she may as well throw caution to the wind and go all out. Grier can do it all: she's a terrific actress, as much of a presence as the mainstream broads that, more than once, stole her thunder, and she's a worthy exhibitionist, proud of her extremely (extremely) curvaceous body and more than happy to flaunt it. But she isn't much like a Russ Meyer girl with busty proportions and not much else - she is so commanding in her sexual prowess that, like Nicki Minaj (I'm going out on a limb here), we find ourselves as much titillated by her presence as we are unsure how to react to it. For Grier (and Coffy), sex is a weapon, and she knows how to use it. But Grier isn't so dependent on her chest that she forgets to act; she really and truly knows what the hell she is doing and makes "Coffy"'s lame dialogue suddenly seem like urban Shakespeare. Other actors in the room don't even try to give Hill's lazy writing any sort of life; Grier, though, pretends she's reciting something the Academy would give notice to. She makes Coffy a superbly memorable character, not just for her physical presence but also for her craftiness, her sincere, empathetic hatred for the men that destroyed her sister's life. I won't go into details regarding the productional values of "Coffy"; everything other than Grier, and the funk obsessed soundtrack, instantly leaves the memory with its routine sex, drugs, and revenge plot. It's an average film with a too-good-for-her-material actress as its front-and-center. A shame - most never knew what to do with Grier after the blaxploitation era ended: should she be a villain? A detective? A wise older woman? Thank God Quentin Tarantino swooped down to save her from further career monstrosities through 1997's "Jackie Brown": then and there was she able to prove that she was so much more than an icon of an otherwise trashy 1970s subgenre. She was also a leading lady with class, with major talent. "Coffy" is a showcase for her unique abilities that puts its brazenness aside in favor of a goddess of an actress.

Michelle P (us) wrote: Watched it in the weekend with the family. Was great, a good family comedy, with some classic twists in there. Well Worth a watch.

Hobie P (us) wrote: Bad script,Bad plot,Bad cast,BAD MOVIE!!