Friends Never Die

Friends Never Die

A story of friendship between two friends that misleads them to be involved in a gangster society

A story of friendship between two friends that misleads them to be involved in a gangster society . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Leonardo Malacay S (br) wrote: Que buenos colores y que reparto mas interesante, una buena historia donde vemos como el campesino es el afectado del conflicto armado colombiano, tiene un error que es evidente y que no me lo saco de la cabeza es lo nico de lamentar.

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Sonia M (kr) wrote: Nice for a change from the usual stuff ( I guess I am not too much of a cinema critic..)

Benny C (fr) wrote: It's on my want-to-see list for one reason and one reason only: Jessica Alba.

Tammy H (ca) wrote: I love all the Leprechaun movies! They are awesome!

Charlie C (jp) wrote: good story, some great lines, affleck is the for the lightning fast cameo from Matt Damon

Chris K (gb) wrote: After watching the ever so hyped "Cleo 5 to 7" I was disappointed that yet another great art house director was not for me. But "Vagabond" disproved that theory right there. This is a great piece of storytelling, acting and camera. I love the "documentary" element to it. I will now watch more Varda.

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