Friends: New Girl in Town

Friends: New Girl in Town

When the World Petacular comes to Heartlake City and is almost ruined before it's even started, five feisty girls unite, despite their differences, using their creativity to save the day.

When the World Petacular comes to Heartlake City and is almost ruined before it's even started, five feisty girls unite, despite their differences, using their creativity to save the day. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert D (br) wrote: good animated flick. not bad, but not great.

Bethany r (de) wrote: T otally non cannon but teriffic!

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Robert L (us) wrote: Belongs in the samre league as 'Get Carter', (not the risible offering by Stallone). Earthy and visceral. If you're not accustomed to regional UK accents, give it a try. The effort's worth it. Considine has gone on to do good stuff, as has the excellent Toby Kebbell.

Jamie C (us) wrote: Not good but not bad either, Not enough comedy, But what comedy there was it was quite funny, Worth a look, But Will Smith please stick to films like Bad Boys and Independence Day.

Kristen P (au) wrote: Another Robert Rodriguez movie I love, with an outstanding performance from Benicio Del Toro.