A young man from East Germany travels to San Francisco to search for his father, who fled 12 years ago. Together with his best friend, he starts the journey from New York with no money and the only word they ever learned in english-lessons: "friendship".

A young man from East Germany travels to San Francisco to search for his father, who fled 12 years ago. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dinesh P (fr) wrote: Remake of a hit Telugu movie. But the movie lacks any depth for very simple fact the movie is made with idea that no matter who is opponent Salman will beat pulp out of them. Action is bad. One Song is good and the new actress is worst. many people in India gave a miss to this movie.

Mark N (mx) wrote: A pretty simple idea that suffers from clichd and occasionally down right silly plotting but none the less a pretty enjoyable watch for action/drama fans. The calibre of the cast is surprising and highlights the lack of characterisation rather than giving them something to work with.

Jonathan C (ca) wrote: This one just didn't come together for me like I had hoped it would. I can see it working for some people, but the connection never came for me.

Derek M (nl) wrote: Seann William Scott is my 3rd cousin

Sabrina M (ca) wrote: I actually liked this film--very impressive debut for Aidan Turner. The pace is slow, but for a reason--it is called suspense building. In the end--I did not see the plot twist coming. Brava Ruth Bradley for a performance that scared the tar out of me!

James R (au) wrote: Have to go 4.5 because of the accuracy and how well the movie flowed. Story of Alabama Governor George Wallace in the 70's who fought segregation until a accident gave him a fresh new perspective on people. Gary Sinise was outstanding.

Kevin L (ag) wrote: A little more boring than its predecessors, but the characterization in this one is not bad

F B (ca) wrote: Loads of action but total crap

scott p (fr) wrote: i liked this movie the first time a saw it....when it was called Aliens....this movie is a complete clone of the alien sequel!

Rosemary K (de) wrote: In this film,we see alcoholism tear away at Family;Michael and Alice (Garcia and Ryan) share life with their two daughters.Sadly,Alice develops a taste for "the drink",and husband Michael tries to pretend he can patch problems up. Alice reaches her "bottom" and decides to finally come clean

Jenna I (nl) wrote: So much bad acting. SO MUCH. Elvis is the saving grace with his beard and his best Clint Eastwood impression. Mostly this movie is just terribly directed and really drops the ball.

Andy C (br) wrote: Meh. Yeah, I said it, MEH. INDEED, WE HAVE A BADASS OVER HERE \( o O )/

Chuck B (nl) wrote: Slapstick comedy that is a spoof on James Bond. It is a fun movie where our hero is both a moron, but also an expert spy. Sometimes he does everything right and sometimes he does everything wrong. That is what makes this movie different in that he isn't completely stupid. I wish their had been a few more laughs, but overall it was ok.