Frío sol de invierno

Frío sol de invierno


The story of some people in a small town of Euskadi. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juan B (br) wrote: Wow just jaw dropping film. I'm never going to double cross a narco now !!!

David B (mx) wrote: A solid 7/10 documentary.

Andrew O (ag) wrote: I really can't recommend it, either as a good movie or a bad one.

Mitchell B (ag) wrote: Thrillers like this are a dime a dozen, but when yours stars current cinema darling Jennifer Lawrence it's gonna be held up to a higher level of scrutiny than the legions of others. Unfortunately The House At The End Of The Street (which is never established as a geographic certainty) never rises above a run of the mill, spooky house, mysterious neighbour whodunnit, with a twist that's telegraphed about a quarter of the way in. From that point it's a formulaic procession of "don't go in there" blunders that are more exasperating than entertaining.

Eric B (ag) wrote: Chaotic and beautiful.

Alejandro L (gb) wrote: Es una comedia donde el protagonista siempre est furioso. Una coleccin de estupideces y giros para pasar un domingo en la tarde.

Kenny O (ru) wrote: One of the worst films ever. Lucky to get 1/2 star.

Lauren P (it) wrote: This is a good yet intensely disturbing movie. Most beautiful shot in the whole film is the final scene.

Jack Y (kr) wrote: Hammer injects more sexuality into the lesbian vampire trilogy, with Stensgaard one of the most beautiful actresses to play Mircalla or Carmilla. Set the resurrected vampire into an all girls school and its one of those British horrors that takes itself seriously in spite of the storyline.

Greg D (au) wrote: Sometimes I wonder as I watch an old movie how they got past the censors of the day. Human Desire is one of those movies. This is one of the most sexually charged, gritty and explicit films from the 1950s that I have seen in a long time. The plot follows a young train engineer who has just recently returned from the military. This engineer, played by Glenn Ford, returns to his old job and while catching up with friends finds one of his prior colleagues has done very well for himself financially and is now married to a much younger woman named Vicki Buckley (played by Gloria Grahame). He soon starts to discover that there is something suspicious going on between them and as he starts to uncover more and more he also becomes more and more interested in his old friend's wife. Soon, the family he rents a room from and lives with, including a young daughter who has matured into a woman while he was away, start to notice his absence night after night as well as many phone calls between him and Vicki Buckley. All the actors in this film did a fantastic job portraying their parts. Gloria Grahame and Broderick Crawford especially stand out as the newly married couple. Gloria Grahame who I recently saw in In a Lonely Place with Humphrey Bogart appears to be a real chameleon and a very accomplished actress. Her performance is fantastic. She straddles the line of sympathetic victim and ominous temptress perfectly always leaving the audience somewhat off balance, but completely riveted at the same time. Her husband, played by Broderick Crawford is also perfect for his part. His character is gruff and intimidating but also jealous and insecure which must have been a difficult blend of emotions to characterize. This movie was also very interesting in how it gave a fresh take on the femme fatale as well as its exploration of male-female relationships. Visually speaking this is a very enjoyable movie to watch as it masterfully sets the mood through the cinematography, including the use of light and dark. Certain frames are so dark one can hardly make out anything until a perfectly timed splash of light illuminates the frame and furthers the story. This is a great character driven story about the darkest of human desires.

Greg W (us) wrote: hollywood fictionalized 'bio-pic' won cagney the Oscar 4 his performance

Dave R (it) wrote: this is one of those "it's so bad it's good" kind of movies. cheesy b-movie about a group of people going to a place called warrior island - where flesh eating monks raise dead warriors from the grave... oh and there's a jade mine on the island... you gotta go into this one looking for a laugh.