Frode og alle de andre rødder

Frode og alle de andre rødder

3 friends set out on a quest to get money for a summer fair.

Frode glæder sig som en sindssyg til den årlige sommerfest i gården. Især da denne fest byder på en enestående mulighed for at ride på en kæmpe, levende elefant! Men da den irritable vicevært pludselig kræver betaling for brug af gården, hvor festen skal holdes, forsvinder drømmen om en elefantridetur som dug for solen. Samtidig er underboen Hr. Storm plaget af en mystisk tyv, og han udlover derfor en dusør til den, der fanger tyven. Frode og vennerne tager fluks den sjove og spændende udfordring op: Viceværten og Hr. Storm skal narres for at vinde sommerfesten tilbage, og desuden har den bedrageriske kælderbande også set sig varm på dusøren og de bruger ALLE kneb. Men Frode har en trumf: Han har fiduserne på sin side, og er indstillet på, at han og vennerne skal have en storartet sommerfest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Frode og alle de andre rødder torrent reviews

what up u (kr) wrote: im livin wit dese ppl when da rain runs out

Seth L (jp) wrote: Beyond stupid. Not even stupid funny!

Timm S (br) wrote: Clever Comedy With A Twist On The 'ol 'Fish Outta Water' Routine & Jim Is Well-Cast As A Fake Lying Lawyer..It Fits His Style Perfectly. I Laughed A Lot & His Spontaneous Outlandish Style Is Great.

gin b (ag) wrote: good movies. great family films.

Spencer S (us) wrote: Allen's most serious film up to this point was the year's previous "Annie Hall," which wasn't nearly as dramatic as this. Veering headfirst into the realm of Chekhovian drama, Allen tells the story of three repressed sisters who are all dealing with their parents' separation in different ways. Each has their own burden to bear: one is young and impressionable, another is pretentious about her own work and it's affecting her marriage, and another is stuck between caring for a mother she despises and pleasing a father who frequently lets them all down. Time moves at a quick, fluid pace, much like a Chekhov's work; which was the direct inspiration for this film. There's also only diegetic music, and often Allen uses long takes of silent scenes of nature, especially waves crashing against the beach. Though this film is assured and crafted carefully, it doesn't engage in the same way as Allen's other works. It's such an astringent film, that there's little room for humor or joy. Every character feels so repressed that it's almost unrealistic. Their severity of character hampers the film by trying too hard, and not being completely realistic.

Marco S (it) wrote: I was fortunate enough to see this hard to find classic just a few weeks ago. From all the spaghetti westerns ever made, this film I think comes closest to be the finest non-Leone italio western ever made. Easily Sollima's best crafted western and the best political spaghetti western ever made. Shots are beautifully crafted, there are some of the most memorable duels in any western out there, the Ennio Morricone music is some of the best outside his Leone work, and Lee Van Cleef and Thomas Milian put on some of their best performances ever. A must see for not only spaghetti western fans, but any western fan or film buff in general. Tarantino is obviously a fan as most of the music from Inglorious Basterds is taken from this movie.

Jeff H (fr) wrote: Great old movie, Monroe is great, although not at her best, but the movie is entertaining and I liked it! B

John C (fr) wrote: Ledger showcases his brilliant talent in this quintessential 90s high school comedy.

Sanford R (ru) wrote: I'd like to see this older one.

Billy M (it) wrote: This movie is a pretty good example of how they could do "chick flicks" all the time. They should include elements that more audiences will enjoy. I really enjoyed Rhys Ifans goofy character, he is a great actor for comedic relief.

Craig F (jp) wrote: Thriving on chaos, hilarious performances, and a ton of comedic chemistry, Search Party isn't revolutionary but its a fun ride. Garfunkle and Oats was a really nice addition.

Markus M (gb) wrote: The only thing more baffling than the bad acting, cheap effects, lack of clear motivation for any of the characters' actions and the unclear plot is the fact that a film plagued by this many problems came from a director as experienced and seemingly talented as Francis Ford Coppola.4,5/10