Frog River

Frog River

Record shop clerk and aspiring DJ Tsutomu searches for his masculinity when challenged to a kendo duel.

Record shop clerk and aspiring DJ Tsutomu searches for his masculinity when challenged to a kendo duel. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angelica L (ag) wrote: It was an alright movie, tho it felt like Apple payed for it all since it feels like a big commercial for the company. I mean why else would they leave out the amazing Pixar he was a part of?

A S (kr) wrote: Not good Scooby Doo sucks but not the real ones the cartoon ones stink 6%

Robert H (au) wrote: Inbred isn't the kind of film that will ever win any Oscars but it delivers on what it promises... lots of blood-soaked kills.This film is packed with gore galore and with enough quirkiness to make it slightly better than your typical uber gore flick. The characters are all pretty well defined which was surprising considering this type of film usually doesn't spend much time on development. But not a single person went out of character at any point. Of course, you don't really care for anybody in the film so it's not that kind of character development. But in a film where you actually want everyone to bite the dust whether good or bad, you kinda don't want to get attached to any of them anyways.My biggest disapointment with the film is the use of CG. Much of the blood in this film is CG and it's very obvious CG at that. Luckily some of the kills were fresh and those that weren't... well they were extra bloody to make up for it.If you like your horror films to be gory for the sake of being gory, Inbred is right up your alley and will surely entertain. If you're looking for a film with depth and meaning... go watch Deliverance again.

Matthew D (fr) wrote: Though the script was slightly underdeveloped, this television drama is still tense and really showcases Megan Park's talent, overshadowing the average, talent less performance of David Charvet, clearly only employed for his good looks.

Cade H (nl) wrote: This film was a cheap attempt to take the Road Trip name and cash in on a sequel. The only remaining piece from the first film was one character, who was the storyteller and did not have a major role. The main cast was forgettable and boring for most of the film and they barely provided any laughs at all. The story was simple, friends went on a road trip to meet a girl and make it to the beer pong championship. The few actual beer pong scenes were lame and the road trip aspects were weak and unfunny. Only toward the end did the movie get slightly interesting but before that I lost interest in everything and was just waiting for it to end. Skip this one at all costs and do not let the Road Trip name pull you in.

Brendan N (ag) wrote: mess of a film and just not close to the first two in the series. really thought I'd like this one

Bryan P (ag) wrote: Set in south, Bean is out of the army and all goes wrong when his wife has another man. soon he teams up with four outlaws to avenge anyone who has done wrong.

Haley E (mx) wrote: As a horror movie fanatic, I've seen my share of good and bad horror movies, especially of the foreign variety. A majority of Asian horror films never usually make my skin crawl or make me lose sleep at night and I only watch them to get a good laugh at a few of the mistakes made in the film from bad acting to huge plot holes. Shutter, however, was a different story for me.I found it one night while searching through free on-demand movies and decided to watch it for fun. It started out a bit slow aside from the car accident but as I kept indulging myself to small glances every few minutes while working on something else, I found myself getting dragged into the movie and decided "let's watch it from the beginning and pay more attention to this". So I did and I must say that despite some acting flaws, I'm more giving my rating to the creep factor than anything else. As I said earlier, not many Asian horror films usually make me squirm but Shutter did it for me in the most literal way I can describe it. As I slowly got further into the movie, I felt chills go up my spine multiple times and with the ending it gave me in the end, this movie became part of my short list of "Films to never watch alone in the middle of the night again". This movie left me with such a heavy mix of dread, fright, and anger (not literal anger, the "I-have-to-sleep-with-that" kind of anger) that I could not sleep for three hours after watching the movie and even then I still left my lights on to make sure nothing would come after me as I slept.Though some of the acting was poor and the plot only slightly ambiguous, this film did its job in creep factor for me, thus the best rating I can give it is a 3.5/5. So if you want a film with better creep factor than acting and a semi-normal plot, I suggest looking for Shutter to add to your movie night list.

Robert I (nl) wrote: THIS IS NOT A GOOD MOVIE! But if you need a movie with no plot, lots of laughs, and the best villain dressed in a Halloween costume you could buy right now this is your drunken evening fun. Skeleton Man shoots down a helicopter with a bow and arrow! That's awesome!!!

Lawrence D (ag) wrote: Living in a poor life, now a wealthy life brings an epic to Jake Gyllenhaal's performance! Well done! Perfect Score!

Kenneth H (nl) wrote: i liked this movie patsy kensit is hot

Lee M (fr) wrote: The love story (which features Jason Scott Lee and Anne Parillaud) that means to add pathos to this cultural collision doesn't generate an enormous amount heat. But the theme tantalizes, and many of the images soar.

Joseph B (us) wrote: Gritty, darkly humored and ber- violent, but very fun flick that is very deserving of a replay or two. I highly recommend it to any horror fan! 8/10

Alexander A (jp) wrote: 1. It's Yor's world. 2. He's the man.

Adam U (us) wrote: I was not going to watch this but Deborah Harmon is in it and I enjoyed her in JUST THE 10 of Us . i didnt think it was to bad and I kept it for my collection

Carol M (es) wrote: Brandon is following in his fathers footsteps with a very fresh, provocative film that is almost believable in our toxic celebrity culture.

Noah M (it) wrote: A painfully unfunny comedy. Even as a Chuck Norris fan, this film is just awful.

Jim H (gb) wrote: David Tennant's Hamlet is stolid and unaffected until he starts feigning madness. Tennant then creates a character that is interesting to watch, but I never felt like I was watching an intellectual wrestling with life's grand questions. There are also several scenes from Elsinore's security cameras, and I have no idea why these are in there or what the black and white photography does to enhance the director's take on this story. This is in addition to the characters seemingly random direct addresses to the camera. The set and the direct addresses make it seem as though we're not watching a film, but a play on film, much like the stationary cameras and action of the first films. Patrick Stewart, who was my real attraction to this version, was good as Claudius, but I don't see anything revolutionary in his portrayal. I also wonder about the director's decision to double-cast Stewart as both Claudius and the ghost. There didn't seem to be a point to this choice, and I'm still waiting for the version that uses Hamlet's disembodied voice as the ghost; such a decision contains a thematic statement unlike what I saw here.Overall, it's always good to watch Hamlet, with the exception of the Mel Gibson and Ethan Hawke versions, but I'm not overly impressed with this addition to the canon.

Paa Kow A (nl) wrote: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is an American action-adventure movie developed in 1989. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was directed by Steven Spielberg and was written by executive producer George Lucas. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade include major actors like Harrison Ford who plays as Indy and plays a major role in the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Sean Connery plays as Indy's father with the character name Henry Jones and Alison Doody. The movie title, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade has connection with the main character that is Harrison Ford as he plays the name character 'Indy' in the movie. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is a groundbreaking and a feel good movie. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade has a very good and nice storyline. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is all about a man named 'Indy' who receives a diary from his dad who plays as 'Henry Jones' in the movie. Indy receives a diary from his dad with clues and a map with no names to find the mysterious holy grail perceived to give eternal life. After Indy received the diary, he goes to rescue his dad from Italy who was in the custody of a territory called Nazi. After Indy rescuing his dad from the custody of the Nazi territory. The Nazi's learn about the holy grail perceived to give eternal life. The rescue mission now turns into an action-adventure since Indy has to find the holy grail with his diary of clues and a map with no names before the Nazi's, who plan on using the holy grail to dominate the world for themselves. Indiana Jones and the Last crusade is one good adventure movie. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is a very good action-adventure movie because of it satisfies the idea of it being an adventurous movie because of its being shot in different locations on the quest of the holy grail to satisfy the idea of it being adventurous. In the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, there is a scene where Indy was horseback riding with his boy scout troops in Utah scouting caves. While scouting caves Indy discovered a group of grave robbers who had stolen a golden crucifix and stole it from them with the intention of donating it to a museum. Another scene from the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was on the quest for the holy grail which is perceived to give eternal life. During the quest for the holy grail Indy had to rescue his dad from Italy and also on the quest for the holy grail Indy had to move from different location while reading the map with no names they received from their dad from Italy. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is one good action movie. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade has some good action in it as in during the quest for the holy grail, they met the Nazi's at the museum where the holy grail was located. Indy's father was shot in the heart, making it a must for Indy to go through so many obstacles to get the holy grail to save his father first, before the Nazi's do. Some people might disagree that Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is onegroundbreaking and a feel good movie. Some people might say the holy grail scene in the movie made the movie unrealistic since the holy grail was perceived to give eternal life. Some people might say since there is nothing like a cup such as the holy grail that can give eternal life which makes the movie unrealistic. But in the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade the holy grail scene was used as the reason why the adventures in the movie and obstacles faced. Since any adventure embarked on should have a motive behind it why the adventure is being embarked on. The holy grail scene in the movie made sense in a way that it explained why they had to encounter so many obstacles on their quest for the holy grail to help save Indy's father by drinking from the holy grail to give him eternal life.Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is one good groundbreaking and a feel good movie. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is a must watch movie. The reason Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is recommended to anyone is because it's a movie one can watch over and over again and never get fed up with or get bored. Indiana Jones and the Last crusade is a movie full of adventure, suspense, action packed, good storyline and with great characters. Indiana Jones and the last crusade is an action-adventure movie as Indy embarks on an adventure full of obstacles with only a diary of clues and a map with no names in search of the holy grail to heal his dad after being shot before the Nazi's get hold of it, to leave his dad to his own fate. PAA KOW AMOAH

Phyllis G (mx) wrote: Oh yeah! Liked it, loved it, want some more of it!