Frogmen Operation Stormbringer

Frogmen Operation Stormbringer

Captain Rick Jeffries is the head of a group of elite soldiers who swim into action, doing the dirty jobs no else can or wants to do. They are in pursuit of a world traveling terrorist known only as Casper, and have the difficult job of bringing him back--alive.

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Frogmen Operation Stormbringer torrent reviews

Nikhil E (es) wrote: Well, I dunno I liked this movie anyways...

Emma H (jp) wrote: I love British based dramas and this was perfectly played out by all. The simple story of a boy caught up in crime with the backstory of complicated love between the adults.

kyle e (mx) wrote: Did you like Clerks, Chasing Amy, Malrats, or any other Kevin Smith film? THen chances are, you'll enjoy this movie that is basically a tribute to those - though toned down a bit. It even has a Silent Bob tribute!

Damien K (gb) wrote: Better than "Smoke Signals", but still a miserable depiction of life on the "rez". Seems like there is nothing but hopeless tragedy in the world of Chris Eyre.

Siemen T (de) wrote: one of the best movies i've ever seen

Pedro P (es) wrote: An intriguing, understated film that quietly brings up loud questions of honor, duty, ideals, and courage. The film that taught Alan Arkin how to speak Portuguese.

Performance P (au) wrote: 633 Squadron is the story of the attack on the fuel factory that would have created the most important part of the V2 Rocket. This film focuses completely on this attack. Whenever there is a film that is so narrowly focused, it has potential to be great or awful. This film falls on the later of those two outcomes. Cliff Robertson, better known for his role as Ben Parker in the latest in the Spiderman films, gives a stiff performance that is typical for an individual playing a leadership role that this time in most of these war films. The film focuses too much on the preparation and becomes extremely boring. There seems to be an unnecessary love story between Roy Grant and Hilde. This love story does not add much to the overall quality and could be left out. The ending is extremely typical and actually very unexciting when it could be much more thrilling. The music theme is just as repetitive as the film is boring.

Lau H (mx) wrote: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is a great film. Beautiful Cinematography, beautiful martial arts battles, beautiful scenery, beautiful storyline, this movie is just so beautifully made.