Frøken Nitouche

Frøken Nitouche

At the turn of the century a soldier an a convent novice are being forced by their parent to marry each other. Both unaware what the other one looks like meet accidentally the night before ...

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FilmGrinder S (de) wrote: This black and white film is China's SCHINDLER'S LIST. A must see.

Wendy C (de) wrote: Entertaining, but I don't like it.

Ibeett (mx) wrote: love it one of my fave movies :)

Tor M (jp) wrote: Robbie, that's just became a dad is trying to avoid jail for a violent episode a time back.He get's a second chance as he also get some better friends and get into the whisky business after visiting a distillery. They come across some very rare drops and Robbie, his good nose and his new friends are up for adventures.Filled with humor, passion, change and drama this rather complex comedy has a bit of everything. It's not easy to tell what it's about as it can be stripped down into much. This is both a strenght and a little burden. This is solid but it covers a whole lot - maybe a bit much. The fact that it's not "perfect" is a big positive feature. The actors have some spoken errors, some bad footwork or other minor mishaps - but that's life, eh?I liked it even if I lost the first 10 minutes or so. Ken Loach is a great director, but I have not seen too many of his films. It's sad that I didn't see it with subs. Scottish can be tricky to hang on too - so at times I was rather lost.7 out of 10 whisky barrels.