From a Place of Darkness

From a Place of Darkness

Miles Kody, is a documentary filmmaker. As Miles tapes his interviews with Vic he becomes aware of the appearance of "ghosts" captured on his video monitor. He realizes that the faint energy fields of these ghosts, past victims of the snuff films, are picked up more readily on video...

A documentary filmmaker finds himself drawn into the seedy world of a snuff filmmaker with a mysterious dark side. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frost M (au) wrote: One of my favorite straight to dvd films. Enticing action scenes and average acting makes the film a memorable one

Laird M (fr) wrote: Finally a fun and sexy lesbian film that doesn't end in depression or death. It's light, it's fun...clever and the actors can actually act (always a plus). Everyone it seems is lesbian or gay in Lola's world. I thought the lead, Ashleigh Sumner was really great, as was Jill Bennett who played her girlfriend. They have some steamy scenes throughout the film, so what's not to like?

Kevin L (ru) wrote: It's honest, and the substance thrives with a bit of Wes Anderson, but Rocket Science is plagued by unimpressive filmmaking, ranging from cinematography to even sometimes directing. The themes are there, but there has to be a better way to present this

Suanne R (ca) wrote: it's was average "ok"... i just waste 1.30min of my time watching this..not my cup of romantic tea..

Samantha O (ru) wrote: RUBBISH! and some awful acting! how do they get the money to make such crap movies!!!!!!!!! it was not scary the plot was lame overall poo! don't waste your time watching it!

Jordan P (de) wrote: Another blood-spattered work from Rob Zombie, 31 is a twisted but affectionate throwback to the gruesome slasher flicks of decades past -- and one that delivers all the relentless gore, gleefully nasty dialogue, character camaraderie, excess nudity and breakneck pacing that hardcore horror fans have come to admire.

Kristy P (it) wrote: Okay crime drama. Interesting enough. Wesley Snipes is never high up on my actor list, but it was an okay story.

Mike M (mx) wrote: Think She-Ra is to Hem-Man, Rebirth of Mothra is to Godzilla

Gabriel Arthur P (gb) wrote: A film for people who love acting. Julie and Dreyfuss have enormous fun. The politically-conscious subplot feels weird, but genuine. It's a mildly funny, very energetic film.

Andrea B (it) wrote: I love this movie! OMG! It was so crazy how in those days when men wanted to work, the government wanted them to be on welfare so they could control them and now SOME people who are on welfare are so comfortable that they dont want to work.

Harry S (ca) wrote: not as good as the orginal or even big score but more classic stuff from shaft let loose in africa thought hed ball more african ladies on his travels

W W (ru) wrote: The Koyaanisqatsi of concentration camp films. Haunting imagery.

Kevin E (kr) wrote: This was quite a good movie but was quite hard to get what it was about. The acting was really good and hopkins was very good as usual. It's not a film I would buy but it might appeal to some. I wouldn't recommend it really.

Dann M (mx) wrote: Inspired by true events, Rescue Dawn is a harrowing tale of survival. The story follows Navy pilot Dieter Dengler who's shot down in Laos during the Vietnam War and is imprisoned in a Viet Cong internment camp until he and his fellow POWs attempt a daring escape. Christian Bale, Steve Zahn, and Jeremy Davies all give incredible performances. And, writer/director Werner Herzog does an impressive job at bringing a gritty realism to the film. However, the pacing is kind of slow, and the narrative is weak and hard to follow at times. Yet despite its problems, Rescue Dawn delivers a compelling tale of heroism.